CFO Of Tyson Foods In Hot Water Over Drunken Escapades

Tyson Foods CFO John Tyson was officially taken into custody this past Sunday out in Arkansas in the wake of a woman phoning police after the man allegedly drunkenly broke into her home and crashed on her bed asleep.

Reports from local media outlets explained that police officials took the 32year-old Tyson out in handcuffs on charges of public intoxication and criminal trespass. The CFO was taken over to and booked at the Washington County Detention Center and released Sunday evening.

“We’re aware of the incident, and as this is a personal matter, we have no additional comment,” stated one spokesperson for Tyson Foods, Derek Burleson.

As explained within the preliminary arrest report released to local media outlets, the still unidentified woman discovered the drunk Tyson at roughly 2:05 a.m. as he slept in her bed inside of her Northwest Arkansas home.

The woman explained to police dispatchers that she thought Tyson made his way into her home via an unlocked front door. When police made it ot the scene, Tyson reportedly was found in a back bedroom with a pile of his clothes on the floor near him.

Authorities were able to identify the man via his driver’s license.

While trying to wake the CFO up from his sedated drunken sleep, police claimed that they attempted to speak to the man but were unable to get a verbal response.

They were able to make Tyson sit up, but he eventually laid back down in an effort to once again fall asleep.

It was reported by the responding police that the smell of alcohol was on Tyson’s breath, and all of his movements were very slow and uncoordinated.

Tyson began working for the company executive team back in 2019. He was officially promoted to his role of the chief financial officer in September.

This arrest takes place in the wake of a different former Tyson Foods executive being slammed with charges in regard to biting a man’s face during a fight that took place in September.

As explained by area media outlets, Doug Ramsey, who now works in the role of COO for the company Beyond Meat, was issued a charge of felony battery and making a terroristic threat after a fight that took palce on the 17th of September in a parking garage at the University of Arkansas.

As explained by a police report sent over to NBC, 53-year-old Ramsey left his cat, smashed through the rear windscreen of another vehicle, and attacked the driver until he managed to savagely bite the other driver’s nose and tear off a chunk of flesh.

As reported by Fox 29, Beyond Meat reportedly stated that Ramsey would be removed from the company via a standard regulatory filing.

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