Rep. Garcia’s Speech Draws Response

In recent years, the issue of illegal immigration and border security has been a hot topic, with Democrats often taking a strong stance against stricter policies. However, with the recent surge in illegal crossings and the chaos at the southern border, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to defend their stance.

Leading the charge in this futile defense is Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA), who seems to have forgotten the mess that his party has made of the border long before Joe Biden took office. Despite this, Garcia continued to attack former President Donald Trump and his supporters, claiming that they wanted outlandish measures like alligator moats and bombing Northern Mexico.

Garcia’s desperate attempt to deflect from the failures of the current administration has only resulted in laughter and incredulity. The viral meme that he shared, depicting alligators, planes, and electrified fences, only serves to demonstrate his ignorance of the issue at hand. What Trump actually wanted was a physical barrier – a wall – on the border, something that the Democrats continuously opposed.

In spite of the Democrats’ efforts, Trump managed to get around 500 miles of the wall built before Biden took office, only to see the construction halted and millions of dollars wasted on unused materials. It is clear that for the Democrats, stopping Trump’s policies was more important than protecting the American people.

To make matters worse, the current administration has not only failed to defend the border, but they have also actively hindered efforts by states like Texas to do so. Recently, forklifts were used to move barriers that were placed by the state, allowing illegal aliens to enter the country unimpeded. Instead of working with Texas to address the issue, Biden’s team has chosen to fight against them.

In contrast, under Trump’s policies, the number of illegal crossings at the border was the lowest in 45 years, as reported by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). This achievement is in stark contrast to Biden’s apparent inability or unwillingness to properly address the border crisis. In fact, he seems to be throwing up his hands and blaming others for a problem that his administration has created.

It is clear that it is not Trump who is ridiculous in this situation, as Rep. Garcia suggests, but rather the Democrats and their failed policies. The American people are suffering the consequences of their incompetence and blatant disregard for border security. It is high time for Democrats to take responsibility and work towards finding a solution, instead of deflecting and attacking their political opponents. The chaos at the border must be addressed, and it is the duty of our elected officials to do so.

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