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Panga Boat Detected at Hollywood Star’s Beach

A panga boat has once again been spotted on a California beach, just over a week after another vessel carrying suspected illegal migrants landed nearby. This time, the boat was sighted at Malibu’s El Pescador …

Biden’s Security Aid Blocked by GOP

On Wednesday, Senate Republicans dealt a major blow to President Joe Biden’s plans for bolstering

Famous Sports Site Slammed with Lawsuit by Angry Parents

The parents of a nine-year-old Kansas City Chiefs fan have threatened to sue left-wing sports

Revealed: Disney’s Bait and Switch Tactics in Florida Uncovered!

Walt Disney’s Disney World has been the center of attention for more than just magical


Target Just Took Another Financial Hit

As a wave of “woke” corporate narratives sweeps across the US, two major companies are feeling the backlash of their

Chick-Fil-A Facing Conservative Boycott

Chick–fil–A, the beloved fast–food chain whose popularity has soared since its first restaurant opened in Atlanta in 1967, is now

The Plot Thickens: Idaho Murder Suspect Legal Team Makes Agreement With Surviving Roommate

Four University of Idaho students were brutally murdered in their beds on November 13th of last year, and now the

Pelosi’s Husband Makes Suspicious Stock Market Moves Prior To A Massive Vote Being Conducted On Chip Subsidies

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, could end up making quite a sum of money via a piece of


Senator Oprah? It’s Very Possible

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s long–standing pledge to appoint a Black woman to replace longtime Sen.

Kid Rock Comes To The Rescue Of Embattled Marine

Rock music icon Kid Rock has emerged as one of the top donors to the

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State Department Gives Scary Update In Hostage Situation

In the wake of the brutal attack by Hamas terrorists on October 7, more and …

Fetterman Uses Santos To Troll Bob Menendez

On October 19, former Rep. George Santos made history again, becoming the first former congressperson …

Texas Tackles Border Crisis Amid Influx of Chinese, Afghan Migrants

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is speaking out against President Biden’s “open border” policies, calling …

Former Ambassador Accused of Spying

Former U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia, Manuel Rocha, has been arrested by federal authorities in Miami …

Harris: Commitment To Openness On Biden’s Health

Vice President Kamala Harris has assured the American people that she would not hesitate to …

America’s Foreign-Born Population Hits All-Time High

The United States has reached a new record in its foreign-born population, with a staggering …

Disney’s Holiday Disaster: NYC Village Slammed By Parents!

A Christmas Village in New York City is being heavily criticized by parents who were …

Legendary Diplomat Henry Kissinger Passes Away at 100

Henry Kissinger, the American diplomat and presidential adviser who left his mark on U.S. foreign …

Border Patrol Stops Dangerous Criminals in Texas

In Texas’ Del Rio Sector, Border Patrol officers have made noteworthy strides in apprehending individuals …