MSNBC Comments On Trump In NH

The second consecutive victory of Donald Trump in the New Hampshire primary sent shockwaves through the Democratic stronghold of MSNBC.

With their staunch opposition to the Republican frontrunner, it was no surprise that the network’s talking heads were weeping, seething, and soiling themselves during the evening coverage of the primary. Rachel Maddow, an ardent supporter of Joe Biden, cut into Trump’s victory speech with a live “fact-checking” tirade, claiming that giving him an unfiltered live platform was against their journalistic principles. She went on to accuse Trump of making gaffes and having slurred speech, a tactic reminiscent of the smear campaign against Biden.

The defeat of Nikki Haley, who was backed by anti-Trump donors, prompted the network to strategize ways to keep her afloat in the race. Joy Reid, another Biden fangirl, suggested that donors should pour more money into Haley’s campaign to keep her in the race and split the anti-Trump vote.

The network also discussed Haley’s immigrant background and her decision to take down the Confederate flag, both of which would be important points in the general election but could prove challenging in a primary where nativism and xenophobia are rampant.

The exit poll data further exposed MSNBC’s bias as it showed that a majority of Haley’s voters were not registered Republicans, and her support was “a complete reversal” when compared to Trump’s who enjoyed a high percentage of GOP registered voters.

A CNN interview with an “independent” voter highlighted the strategy of anti-Trump voters in the primary. The voter, an undeclared Democrat, voted for Haley but planned to switch to Biden in the general election, stating that a vote for Haley was “a vote against Trump,” and it would be better to have her face off against Biden.

Another “undeclared” voter admitted to voting for Haley with a strategic intent, to weaken Trump’s influence in the RNC and their nomination. This interview was indicative of the network’s conversations throughout the day, where they encouraged people to vote for Haley to undermine Trump’s sway over the GOP.

The network, which has a history of attacking Trump, was also seen defending Haley against his attacks, with Maddow even invoking the race card and accusing Trump of starting the “birtherism” rhetoric. This move by MSNBC was an attempt to portray Haley as a victim of Trump’s “nativism, xenophobia, and latent racism,” while positioning themselves as the protectors of the minority community.

The underlying theme of the evening was MSNBC’s obsession with dethroning Trump and the measures they were willing to take to achieve their goal. From “fact-checking” his victory speech to portraying Haley as a victim, they seemed to be doing everything in their power to ensure Trump’s downfall.

However, with two consecutive wins under his belt, Trump’s momentum seems unstoppable, which has irked the network even more, evident in the tone and tenor of their coverage. As the battle for the White House intensifies, it seems that MSNBC’s bias against Trump is only going to become more blatant and decisive in their reporting.

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