Sweeping Changes See A Number Of School Boards Flip Conservative

While the recent midterm elections did not come with the giant red tide expected by many Republicans expected on the national stage, the local level was an entirely different story in which many conservatives were able to pick up wins for school board races all over the country in what seems to be sweeping change.

This past week, conservative candidates were able to successfully slip around nine school boards throughout six different states — Michigan, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Florida — giving them strong conservative majorities, as reported by a pair of parental rights groups that openly endorsed a number of the victorious candidates.

This win effectively signals that parental rights were quite the significant factor at the ballot box on election day.

In the state of Michigan, a group of four candidates for school board from Brandywine that was heavily endorsed by a parent’s rights group called 1776 Project PAC managed to secure their races, changing the board from strongly liberal to strongly conservative, expressed the group.

In the same vein from Maryland, a total of three of their school board candidates took victories for Carroll County, flipping the standing school board to a solid conservative majority, explained the group.

The 1776 Project PAC claims that it has managed to successfully flip well over 100 school boards over the course of the past year. The group’s candidates were also able to take the win in both Ohio and Oklahoma.

Mom’s For Liberty, another parent’s rights group, expressed it managed to secure a cluster of wins throughout at least four states. The group managed to effectively flip a total of seven school boards.

Out in North Carolina, various conservative candidates were able to win in both Iredell County and New Hanover County, solidly flipping the school boards of both to conservative, explained the group.

In nearby South Carolina, a total of six conservative candidates took the win in Berkeley Country, while five won in Charleston County, and four took wins out in York County, changing all three of the areas school boards to effectively conservative, expressed Moms For Liberty.

In New Jersey, Cape May COunty saw three candidates win their races, altering the school board to conservative, stated the group.

In Florida, a pair of candidates from Pinellas County won, changing that school board to conservative as well.

Additionally, in Florida, the six candidates sporting the endorsement of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took victories in their runoff races. This means that out of the 30 local candidates for education that were backed by DeSantis this year, 24 of them have taken wins for their races.

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