MSNBC Guest Makes Insane & Insulting Statement About GOP Congresswoman

Kurt Bardella, a strategist for the Democrats, spoke out to state that Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) might just need to go and drop to do amateur pornography if her bid for re-election did not yield results.

Bardella wanted to talk about the overall possible outcomes from Boebert’s current race — which is far too close to call at the moment —  with Joy Reid, a host for MSNBC, as part of an interview on the Wednesday broadcast of her show, “The Reidout,” and he claimed that if she finds that her seat is a loss for the Republican Party, it might yet be “a gain for OnlyFans.”


Highlighting the extremely close race between Boebert and her Democratic challenger, Adam Frisch, Reid questioned first what might happen in the future of the congresswoman if for whatever reason she managed to lose out on the re-election campaign for her seat.

“What’s the meaning if Lauren Boebert — the second most popular QAnon congressperson in MAGA — what if she goes, what if she loses?” questioned Reid.

The left-wing host went on to shoot finger guns and openly mock Boebert, who happened to be an adamant supporter of the 2nd Amendment, because of the fact that her previous spot — the well-known open-carry friendly Shooters Grill had shut down: “What job will she have, because I don’t think Shooters exists anymore? Bang, bang, I don’t think Shooters exists anymore.”

“I guess it might be a gain for OnlyFans,” stated Bardella by way of response, making reference to a subscription-based online content platform that notoriously caters to amateur pornographic content and sex workers. Bardella managed to squeeze out a laugh from Reid and spawned a very shocked expression out of a fellow panelist — political analyst and former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill (D).

“I don’t know what she would do in that scenario,” Bardella went on, stating, “But I think that for — symbolically, to take out one of the poster childs of the MAGA movement, someone who has been an absolute disgrace to the office that she holds, would be a great feather in the cap and would, I think, cement the fact that this has been an absolute unmitigated disaster for the MAGA wing of the Republican Party.”

Boebert fired back at the insane statement from Bardella via a social media post, stating, “Liberals even suck at feminism. Can y’all do anything right?”

Bardella was forced to apologize, kind of, when pushed by public health activist Alexandra Hunt, attempting to claim that he never intended to shame women.


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