Singer Katharine McPhee Calls Out Woke Voters As Cause Of Increased Crime In California

This past week, actress and singer Katharine McPhee labeled “woke” voters as the responsible party for the rising crime rates in Los Angeles.

McPhee, who came into the limelight due to being the runner-up for the fifth year of American Idol, highlighted a new story via her social media about one elderly man in Beverly Hills who has been “mugged and beaten up.”

“I blame every single one of you woke voters,” explained the “My Destiny” singer, as reported by Fox News. “Seniors getting beat up while walking.”

“Keep voting for this, she exclaimed. “What a sad state this city is in.”

The entertainer then highlighted Rick Caruso, who is formerly a Republican that is now running as a moderate Democrat for the position of Mayor of Los Angeles.

“This is literally my worry and thought every time I go out now. We need [Rick Caruso],” she explained. “What’s this world coming to?”

“No rings watches or anything out in LA anymore,” she went on, sharing screenshots of a conversation that she had with a friend concerning their worries about being mugged or attacked.

Being labeled as socially liberal, Caruso has become the popular pick for many wealthy celebrities out in Los Angeles. Many celebs stretching from Kim Kardashian to Gwyneth Paltrow have taken to social media to express support for him via their social media accounts.

Caruso is running on a platform of cleaning up crime and trying to tackle the homeless crisis in the city.

“Los Angeles is in a crisis: Homeless, crime and corruption are uncontrolled. This is a moment for someone like Rick to come in and clean up City Hall,” stated Peter Ragone, a senior advisor for Caruso, in an interview with Axios.

McPhee’s politics are somewhat ambiguous. It was most likely that she is socially liberal, but the singer is known to have publicly gone off on Democrat Stacey Abrams throughout the pandemic for famously taking political photos around masked-up kids without her mask on.

“What the actual hell … politicians at their finest,” explained McPhee. “Mask up the children and you yourself sit without a mask. The hypocrisy continues.”

“I’m sure she will say… ‘but I had my mask in my hand!’” she stated mockingly.

Despite all of this, the singer chose to marry David Foster, another musician and producer, back in 2019. Foster is reportedly buddies with former President Donald Trump.

Most notably, back in 2016, Foster claimed that he “politely” turned down an offer from Trump to play at his inauguration, explained a report from The Washington Post.

“I was asked … I politely and respectfully declined,” stated Foster via social media at that time.

“He actually wanted to do it,” one close source stated to the Post. “It’s a high-profile thing — but he couldn’t risk it.”

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