RNC Highlights Massive List Of Biden’s Lies, Mistakes, And Bungles

This past Tuesday, officials with the Republican National Committee have recently made public a quite comprehensive list of the largest gaffs from President Joe Biden, whether it is the oft-repeated claims that he was once the driver of an 18-wheeler to his repeated promises that a house fire from 2004 —  which reportedly only affected the kitchen of the house —  had almost resulted in the deaths of his wife and a team of firefighters.

This list, which the RNC made public this past Tuesday, highlighted “21 made-up stories Biden has told about himself as president.”

At the top of this new list sits Biden’s claim that he once “used to drive” an 18-wheeler truck.

“I used to drive a tractor trailer … I only did it for part of a summer,” explained Biden back in 2021, but it was reported by Politifact that there is not any evidence whatsoever that he actually did that. However, he did take a ride in a tractor-trailer once when he was a senator, and he did drive a bus one summer while he want to law school.

Line item two on the list was Biden’s claims that he carried on a conversation with the person who invented insulin — however, of the group of people who have been credited with the discovery of artificial insulin, two were already dead before Biden was even born and there does not seem to be any evidence that he had any sort of contact with anyone else on the team.

The third item on the list was Biden’s often parroted claim that a fire that happened in 2004 within a Delaware home nearly burnt it to the ground while his wife was still inside and could have also resulted in the deaths of a number of firemen as well, but upon inspection of local reports from the time it seems as though the fire was quickly contained in just the kitchen and there were no injuries.

The next item was Biden’s claim that he paid a visit to the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh after the shooting —  despite the fact that the synagogue itself had no records of any such visit — and Biden’s claim that he had served as a liason to Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir throughout the Six Day War. That particular event was highly problematic because of the fact that Biden was not a senator at that time, and Meir was also not the prime minister when the war broke out.

These highlights were just a small selection of the list which contains a total of 21 separate events along with evidence of their falsehood.


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