Grand Jury Slated To Announce Charges Slated Against Man Who Fatally Shot Robber At Houston Taqueria

A man who is responsible for shooting and killing a robbery suspect inside of a taqueria located in Houston this past week prior to handing back out the previously stolen items to the other people in the restaurant is slated to be put in front of a grand jury to determine any charges, according to local officials.

This past Monday, Houston police officials stated that the 46-year-old armed customer, whos identity has still not been released publically, was brought in by homicide detectives for questioning in the presence of an attorney.

“After consulting with members of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, it was determined the shooting will be referred to a grand jury,” explained officials with the Houston Police Department as part of a release on Monday. “Since the male is not arrested or charged, his identity is not being released at this time.”

The entire ordeal took place at The Ranchito #4  at roughly 11:30 p.m. this past Thursday. Witnesses explained to police officials that they were rushed by one African American man clad in all-black clothing, black gloves, and a black ski mask that entered the restaurant, wildly wielding what seemed to be a gun at customers while shouting demands for their money and valuables, as reported by Houston law enforcement officials.

Having now been post-humorously identified by police officials as 30-year-old Eric Eugene Washington,  the alleged robber was walking around the restaurant taking money from people, one customer who was sitting in a booth alongside someone else quickly jumped to their feet as soon as Washington went by and brandished his gun, as see in surveillance footage.

The armed customer fired at Washington, who dropped to the ground. The 46-year-old customer continued to unlead his firearm as he paced up to Washington, took the thief’s weapon, and fired one more shot at Washington. A total of nine shots could be identified from the audio in the footage.

The security camera footage clearly shows the 46-year-old patron seemingly realising the weapon used by the robber was fake before slamming it into a wall. Police claim that the man gathered the stolen items and gave them back to their owners. Then he and the other patrons of the restaurant fled the scene.

The attorney working for the armed patron made public a statement to ABC 13 Eyewitness News stating that they are quite sure that a grand jury will determine that the shooting was entirely justified under Texas law.

“In fear of his life and his friend’s life my client acted to protect everyone in the restaurant,” explained the statement. “In Texas, a shooting is justified in self-defense, defense of others and in defense of property. The customer has met with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and Investigators with HPD homicide. He fully intends to continue cooperating with the ongoing investigation.”

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