New Poll Shows Hispanic Voters In Florida Flock To DeSantis Over Crist After Martha’s Vineyard Incident

A recently released poll has discovered that the various Latino voters located within the state of Florida now support Republican Governor Ron DeSantis over Democrat Charlie Crist by a margin of almost 7% when looking at the upcoming gubernatorial election taking place next month.

Carried out by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, the Left-leaning Telemundo/LX News poll discovered that Latinos stood in support of DeSantis instead of Crist 51% to 44%, and issued a 56% approval rating for DeSantis.

The poll also discovered that most Latino voters agreed with the choice from DeSantis to ferry illegal aliens to the heavily liberal Martha’s Vineyard, with 50% in favor and only 43% against it.

It was pointed out by NBC News that this support for DeSantis’ choice to send these illegal immigrants over to Martha’s Vineyard is highest amongst Latino immigrants, 52% to 41%.

The report explained that the poll highlighted a 7-point lead for DeSantis regarding Latino Voters takes place in the wake of his loss of the same Latino vote back during the 2018 gubernatorial race in which he managed to beat out his opponent Democrat Andrew Gillum.

Brad Coker, a pollster for Mason-Dixon, stated that the charisma expressed by DeSantis and his overall attitude has worked wonders in pulling in more of the Latino vote.

“There are lots of Hispanic voters in this state who really like the governor’s style, this strongman who won’t back down,” stated Coker. “And Crist has no mojo.”

Republican strategist Giancarlo Sopo explained that Democrats have an extreme fundamental misunderstanding of what is believed about immigration when it comes to Latino voters.

“Too many Democrats think Hispanics like uncontrolled mass migration and they couldn’t be more wrong,” stated Sopo. “Those of us who remember Miami in the ’80s and ’90s remember the aftermath of Mariel when 120,000 people showed up in the community over a span of six months. What we’re now seeing at the border is two Mariels per month.”

Coke went on to add that the issue many Democrats are discovering throughout this midterm election cycle is the current state of the U.S. economy under the leadership of President Joe Biden.

“You can’t ignore the 800-pound gorilla: The economy sucks for a lot of people,” exclaimed Coker. “And in the last stretch of the election, it comes down to a referendum on a sitting president and how is the economy? On both counts the Democrats come up short.”

This poll was made public just after DeSantis and Crist butted heads this past Monday evening for their first, and seemingly only, debate prior to the elections taking place.

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