DeSantis Throws Weight Behind Many Republican Candidates Around The Country As We Approach The Midterms

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has been making it a point to go around the country in order to use his popularity to assist the campaigns of other Republicans throughout gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races, utilizing his established star power to empower what some pollsters have labeled a massive red wave seemingly prepared to crash across the country in November.

DeSantis has made a large number of appearances with Turning Point Action back in August and September to assist in the campaigns for .S. Senate candidates JD Vance, of Ohio; Ron Johnson, of Wisconsin; Blake Masters, of Arizona; and Adam Laxalt, of Nevada. Additionally, he chose to endorse Joe O’Dea, who is slated to run against Democratic incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet in Colorado. This effort could end up directly affecting the current 50-50 Senate and tipping it over to the GOP.

“Governor DeSantis is America’s governor and one of the most popular leaders in America,” expressed Charlie Kirk, the founder and president of Turning Point Action. “He has become the model for a new conservative movement that is willing to stand on principle and to actually fight on behalf of the values of his voters.”

In the same vein, DeSantis has also been quite busy with his backing of current and potential fellow Republican governors, taking efforts to campaign for Tim Michels, of Wisconsin; Derek Schmitt, of Kansas; Mark Ronchetti, of New Mexico; Doug Mastriano, of Pennsylvania; Kari Lake, of Arizona; and current Oklahoma Governor  Kevin Stitt.

“I know Kari Lake will push back against Biden,” expressed DeSantis out in Arizona. “And I know Blake Masters in the Senate is going to give Biden a lot of problems, which is what we need.”

“He’s got BDE,” stated Lake about DeSantis. “I call it Big DeSantis Energy.”

Polls have shown that DeSantis can maintain the luxury of assisting others in their campaigns despite also needing to prepare for his own re-election in Florida because the polls express that he sports a double-digit lead over Democrat Charlie Criss.

To go along with his efforts to signal boost his party and raise their chances of taking the majority in the Senate and various state executive branches, the tour only ends up increasing the profile of DeSantis around the country and lets him gather key favors in the event that he chooses to mount a 2024 bid for the White House. While he has not stated, as of writing, his intent to make a bid for the White House. Despite not making a promise to run, he has managed to build a formidable warchest, sporting more cash on hand than any other probably political candidate for the 2024 race, including that of former President Donald Trump.

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