New Arizona Campaign Ad Targets Democrat Concerning Stance On Transgender Issues

This past Monday, the ad for one large conservative group based out of Arizona went after Democrats concerning their advocacy for use the of transgender treatments for teens and small children.

The American Principles Project (APP) has put its weight behind Republican Blake Masters in his efforts to take the seat away from its incumbent,m Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly, who is both named and targeted in the new ad. APP labels itself as a family-focused political action group.

“The American Principles Project wants to make the family the most powerful, well-represented special interest group in Washington, D.C. Existing pro-family groups largely focus their efforts on education and tracking legislation. That’s great. But we need more. APP is the only national pro-family organization engaging directly in campaigns and elections,” stated APP.

The 50-second spot purchased on Monday is just part of APP’s $10 million campaign to put heavy support behind many pro-family candidates across “6+ battleground states.” The ad itself sports Dr. Miriam Grossman, a physiatrist and ardent transgender ideology critic, and goes after Old Uncle Joe, Kelly, and the Democrat Party as a whole for their efforts to force transgender treatments and surgeries onto teens and young kids.

The ad starts off with Grossman: “We have an explosion of kids rather suddenly making an announcement that they are transgender.”

At that point the narrator takes over, explaining, “Democrats like Mark Kelly and Joe Biden support policies pushing dangerous transgender drugs and surgeries on kids, taking away parental rights.”

“Kids are told [in] elementary school, middle school, if your parents don’t go along with this, they’re not on your side,” explained Grossman.

The narrator then chimes back in: “It’s Mark Kelly’s agenda for our kids and families.”

“There are no gold standard studies about transgender kids. Zero,” states Grossman. “We have to go out there and stop this. Our children deserve better.”

Polling numbers seem to indicate that Kelly has securely held a lead over Masters in the race, but that the lead has been getting smaller and smaller over time. A recent poll carried out by The Trafalgar Group was made public this past Sunday and explained that Kelly’s lead was narrowed down to just roughly a point, with Kelly sitting at 46.6% and Masters right behind them at 45.4%. The very same poll highlighted that Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake handily led over Katie Hobbs, her Democratic Opponent, at a rate of 505 to 45.6%.

Kelly is currently running to serve his first full term as a member of the U.S. Senate. He first took over the office back in December of 2020 in the wake of winning a special election to take over the seat that was once held by the late-GOP Sen. John McCain. Kelly presents himself as a level moderate in the current race, while both Republicans and Masters highlight Kelly’s almost identical voting records to that of Old Uncle Joe.

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