Joy Reid Devolves Into Insane Rant About Republicans And The 20th Century

Joy Reid, a host for MSNBC, devolved into a rambling monologue this past Wednesday in which she claimed that Republicans are so scared of any kind of progress that they actively hate the 20th century and everything that ook place in it.

Making the argument that Republicans were so desperate to set a plan for “setting back the clock” on issues such as keeping pornographic materials out of the hands of elementary-school-aged children and abortion, Reid stated that the obvious conclusion to the vents seen was that Republicans just outright hated everything from the 20th century.

“Republicans really hate the 20th century,” exclaimed Reid as she tossed her hands in the air to try and emphasize the point.

“From setting back the clock on women’s reproductive rights, to trying to ban the mere act of learning about black history and the Civil Rights movement, to their zeal for banning books about anything related to the advancements of the last century,” she went on. “Books by black authors, and gay authors, and any book questioning their rose-colored view of America’s distant past.”

“In fact, it is quite clear why they don’t want you to read a book,” Reid exclaimed during the rant. “Because if you did, you’d know how the future they want is a return to the frequently very unpleasant history that they don’t want you to learn.”

What Reid failed to point out was that Republicans had not made any efforts whatsoever to ban certain books in their entirety — but instead, had objected to a number of volumes being put into libraries maintained at schools where young kids could have easy access to them prior to reaching a more appropriate age for the subject matter. There also has been no movement made by Republican circles to try and ban large swaths of books written by gay or black authors, despite the claims made by Reid to the contrary.

She also attempted to make the claim that Republicans objected to schools teaching children about black history and the history of the Civil Rights movement — when the actual opposition from those in the Republican party and from the vast majority of parents across the country has mostly been to a number of lesson plants that wholly embrace the tenets of Critical Race Theory and promote teaching through a lens of ideology instead of an objective historical lens.

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