Jake Tapper Speaks About ‘Very Ugly Side Of The Left’ In Relation To Nikki Haley

Jake Tapper, an anchor with CNN has openly admitted, as part of a Tuesday broadcast, that a “very ugly side of the Left” boiled to the surface in the wake of former Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) announcing her choice to run for office.

Tapper spoke about the issues alongside National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru and Democratic strategist Paul Begala — putting the interviews focus on a number of very racially charged assaults that have started to target the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations in the wake of her recent declaration of intent for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.


Tapper ended up sharing a video of Mehdi Hasan, a host for MSNBC, and her guest Wajahat Ali, as the pair spoke about Haley’s coming bid for the White House from this past weekend — and put heavy emphasis on the segment during which Ali labeled Haley an “alpha-Karen with brown skin” and has accused the woman of making use of her race to try and “launder white supremacist talking points.”

“The reason why I feel sad is because no matter what she does, Mehdi, it will never be enough. They’ll never love her,” Ali went on, seemingly suggesting that the rest of the Republican part was far too racist to ever embrace and support her.

Ponnuru gave response to the clip y stating that such attacks would only end up boosting Haley further in Republican circles, and Begala quickly complained that Democrats should not stoop to making use of that kind of Rhetoric.

“I think the fact she got to be the governor of South Carolina with brown skin is a very impressive accomplishment,” commented Begala. “I don’t think it’s something people should be ridiculing her about. I think it’s a terrible thing to say about her.”

“There is a very ugly side of the Left that comes out when Nikki Haley runs for office,” stated Tapper as he agreed, spotlighting that a large number of critics had pointed out that Haley publically goes by her middle name instead of her first name — which is Nimarata — and tried to accuse her of doing that in an effort to toss away her ethnicity when it was helpful.

“It’s been a pretty good week for her, I have to say,” finished Tapper as he noted that Haley’s campaign had been making good headway in staying on top of the attacks against her and offering fast responses. “In terms of the attacks on her and in terms of, like, she’s been in the press a lot.”

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