Israelis Report Highlights Target Of Recent Drone Strike

A recent report has indicated that Israel targeted an Iranian Defense Ministry military facility via a drone strike this past weekend in the city of Isfahan, which is situated in the more central area of the country.

According to another report issued by The Wall Street Journal which was published Sunday morning, Officials from the U.S. and various other sources spoke up to confirm that Israel was the responsible party for the operation.

A group of three quadcopter bomb-laden drones took part in the late-night attack and were shot down by the area’s defensive systems at roughly 11:30 p.m. local time, as reported by the Iranian government. Two of the drones were taken out by “defense traps,” while the last one ended up being taken down by air defense systems, as reported by the BBC. The blocked attack ended up causing just minor damage to the roof of the facility, which is now thought to be a plant for the making of ammunition.

“One of (the drones) was hit by the … air defense and the other two were caught in defense traps and blew up. Fortunately, this unsuccessful attack did not cause any loss of life and caused minor damage to the workshop’s roof,” explained the ministry in a release.

What is thought to be a video of the incident managed to capture a very loud bang alongside an extremely bright flash of light.

“(The attack) has not affected our installations and mission…and such blind measures will not have an impact on the continuation of the country’s progress,” stated the ministry.

Quadcopter drones possess four rotors and a normally short range for their flight time, as explained by a report in the New York Times. Authorities seem to think that the drones originally took off from somewhere inside of Iran and were most likely organized within the country due to the distance of the targeted facility from the nation’s border, explained the outlet. Reportedly, the incident was very similar to another attack, which was also stopped, back in June 2021 against an Iranian Atomic Energy Agency facility.

So far, no group has attempted to claim responsibility for the attack, as reported by Reuters. Some thought, at first, that the operation could have been at the hands of Israel, which has been taking part in a shadow war with the Islamist nation and trying to stop it from securing access to nuclear weaponry.


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