Biden In Hot Water Over Recent Bragging About Tax Credits For Electric Vehicles

Old Uncle Joe found himself in the crosshairs of some fairly hefty criticism in the wake of bragging about his planned $7,500 tax credit for electric cars while attempting to promote an obscenely expensive electric truck sporting a price tag breaking the six-figure level which has been also mired down with a plethora of issues.

A picture was taken back in 2021 of Biden giving a test drive to the new electric Hummer while paying a visit to tour the General Motors Factory ZERO electric vehicle assembly plant in Detroit, Michigan.

“On my watch, the great American road trip is going to be fully electrified,” lauded Biden. “And now, through a tax credit, you can get up to $7,500 on a new electric vehicle.”

Biden’s claims concerning the tax credit are pretty much just fake news as the vast majority of the nation’s new electric cars, roughly 70% of the new stuff, do not actually qualify for the new tax credit, Reuters claimed.

The new electric Hummer which Biden attempted to show off via a post to social media just so happens to be part of the aforementioned 70% that does not actually qualify for the new tax credit because it is significantly more expensive than the maximum MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) allowed.

The lowest cost, baseline electric Hummer sports a price tag MSRP of $86,645, but due to extreme and prolonged issues with the supply chain, consumers are having a hard time even finding the base-line model for anywhere even close to being under $100,000 because of demand on the market.

The more high-end models of this electric Hummer sport an MSRP of $112,595 but ended up going for far higher amounts. The highest price tag that one of these electric Hummers has actually been sold for sits at $324,500.

The electric Hummers have historically sported a large number of issues that have plagued GM’s attempted relaunch of the massive line, including a significant number of recalls due to water leaking into the battery packs, and the car sometimes just randomly dying both on- and off-road.

Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) responded, “How out of touch can you be?”

“Great example of an out-of-touch Green New Deal policy thrown into Biden’s so-called Inflation Reduction Act last Congress,” expressed Rep. Ron Estes (R-KS) on social media. “That vehicle costs about $100,000 – Kansas families dealing with rising prices shouldn’t be forced to subsidize Americans buying any luxury EVs.”

As a Visiting Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, David Zipper stated, “Biden is giving free publicity to the Hummer EV, a 4.5-ton behemoth so inefficient that it pollutes more per mile than a *gas-powered* sedan.”

“As if that POTUS tweet wasn’t bad enough, the Hummer EV isn’t even eligible for a $7,500 federal credit,” tagged on Zipper. “The Hummer EV costs ~$110k, and the credit is capped at $80k.”

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