Former Fox News Host Responds To Numerous GOP Victories In Midterms

Megyn Kelly, a former host for Fox News, stayed fairly optimistic concerning the results of the midterm elections despite a big of strong disappointment of some Republican voters who expected to see a massive red wave sweep across the nation.

Kelly expressed to viewers that any Republican candidates vying for House and Senate seats had to deal with “absolute devastation” until September as pollsters started to report the gaps closing out for many races all over the nation.

“This is a big night,” explained the former host, making the argument that GOP wins would end up blocking the overt Democratic agenda. “There will be no more Inflation Reduction Act nonsense. January 6 distractions are over. Their primetime show is done. Like they needed to be stopped — they were out of control.”

Democrats have managed to secure a strong hold on both the Senate and the House over the span of the last two years. However, the drastically dropping approval numbers, skyrocketing levels of inflation, and the worrying increase in crime could result in a chance for the GOP politicians to try and flip a number of seats and gain control of Congress.

As the projections highlight a solid split majority inside of the Senate and the GOP managing to recover the House, Kelly made the argument that a fairly split congress could assist the Republican Party set up a stronger case for securing a Republican President for the 2024 presidential race.

“It is better for the GOP not to be in control of both branches of Congress,” expressed Kelly in her recent comments. “The more they control, the more they’re gonna get blanked.”

“It’s going to be a lot tougher if they control the Senate and the GOP controls the House,” the former television host continued on.

The podcast Host claimed that whether or not Republicans manage to retake control of both houses within congress, they will need to take strides to “get first and fight those battles” against Democrat politicians that are pushing highly ideological issues.

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