Dan Bongino Sends The Left Into A Rage Spiral

Conservative commentator Dan Bongino is claiming liberals are fixated with talking to children about sex, and the comment is drawing sharp criticism from detractors, including acclaimed author Stephen King.

In a tweet heard around the world, Bongino wrote,Libs are obsessed with talking to your kids about sex, having sex, how to have sex, their sex lives, others sex lives, straight sex, gay sex, multiple sex partners, young people having sex, sexchanges,’ and worse. If this doesn‘t disturb you, then you‘re not paying attention.

King quickly criticized Bongino for his blunt approach to the subject, accusing him of being the real one fixated on sex.You used the word 10 times in one sentence. Sounds like youre the one whos obsessed, King wrote.

Without missing a beat, Bongino fired back,Truth hurts. Thats why he writes fiction, alluding to Kings career as an author.

The incident sparked passionate discussion on both sides of the aisle, but Bonginos point is clear he believes liberals are going too far in their attempts to push LGBT ideology in classrooms and to a younger generation of Americans, using the media and literature as platforms. Hes been a vocal critic of the lefts sexualityrelated agenda for months, and he has no plans of stopping any time soon.

That the left is absolutely obsessed with discussing sex with your kids, says EVERYTHING you need to know, Bongino tweeted.Libs cannot stop obsessing over talking about sex to your kids. Its the freakiest thing I‘ve ever seen. They‘re passionate about it. They obsess over it daily. It‘s not an accident either. It‘s all part of their plan.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with his views, one thing is certain Bongino‘s tweets are creating waves in the media and sparking hard conversations. There are many Americans who are disturbed by what they see as a push from the left tofoist LGBT ideology on children, which are mostly reflected in books, drag events, childrens shows, and controversial transition measures.

Now that the conversation has been laid out to the public, it will remain to be seen if anything can be done to assuage the fears of those opposed to what they consider an attempt to indoctrinate young Americans and especially in the case of the controversial transition measures one hopes an outcome can be reached that benefits all parties.

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