Another Big Biden Lie Comes True

An attack on one of the worlds most important pipelines has taken a mysterious turn, according to a report from The Washington Post. The publication has cited a leaked intelligence document that suggests the United States was aware of a Ukrainian plan to blow up the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines three months before the incident took place last September.

The intelligence report, based on information provided by a source in Ukraine, was allegedly shared with Germany and other European countries in June 2022 by the CIA. It reportedly described a sixperson team of Ukrainian special operations forces intending to blow up the RussiatoGermany project.

No one has been able to confirm who was behind the attack which ruptured the Nord Stream 1 and the newly built Nord Stream 2 lines that link Russia and Germany across the Baltic Sea. Both Sweden and Denmark, through whose economic zones the explosions took place, have said it was a deliberate attempt. Washington and NATO have called it anact of sabotage.

Russia, however, blames the West for the attack and accused investigators of dragging their feet and trying to conceal who was really behind the incident. The spokesperson for the White House John Kirby refused to comment on the posts report and said the matter was still under investigation.

The attack has highlighted Europes reliance on Russian natural gas, a reliance two years ago accused the Kremlin of using as a political leverage. The destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines has expedited a regionwide effort to look for alternatives, which the United States has thrown its support behind.

According to the Post, source anonymity has been kept for the information mentioned due to the risks associated with revealing sources and operations related to the matter.

Should the allegations in the US leaked intelligence holds true, it may provide a breakthrough and shed light on the identity of those responsible for the attack, thereby bringing an end to the speculation and mystery surrounding the incident. American officials and experts view the events as both a security threat and a political ploy by the Kremlin.

The report has been largely met with curiosity and anticipation from journalists and the public alike, who continue to wait for new information to come forward. Either way, the incident is sure to have farreaching implications for all sides involved, both from a national security and political perspective.

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