Bill Maher Explains Why People Are Deserting The Left

Bill Maher, a famous comedian, spoke during a segment of his show about why he thought the Democratic Party was losing voters at a rapid rate. During which he stated that it all came down to the fact that people just needed to get better lawyers.

Maher highlighted quite a few different policy positions from the Democratic Party over the last few years — from universal income proposals and illegal immigration to student loans forgiveness and education — and claimed how their positions were actively forcing people out of the party at a rapid rate.


Maher started the segment by using a reference to the quite recent defamation trial, that ended up being highly publicized, between former spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and highlighted that if that case has given the American public insight into anything it was that having an amazing lawyer was very important.

“Point being you need a good representative in court,” Maher went on, drawing a parallel between having good court representation and having decent congressional representation.

“In the American political system, the people are represented by two separate but equally stupid groups,” stated Maher, seemingly mocking the opening segment of “Law & Order,” adding, “The Republicans, who normalize constitutional crimes — and the Democrats, who pit identity groups against each other. These are their stories …”

While speaking about Congresswoman Mayra Flores (R-TX), who managed to win a special election back on the 15th of June for her state’s 34th Congressional District, Flipped a seat that had for quite a long time been held by Democrats, Maher blamed the overly lax policies concerning illegal immigration from the Democrats as the chief reason for Flores’ success in the area.

“The campaign manager for the losing Democrat said, ‘We gave up a reliably Democratic Congressional seat for no reason at all. We deserve to know why.’ Well, aside from your terrible attitude, I’m going to tell you why,” stated Maher. “Because these voters stopped seeing your candidate as their lawyer. That’s why. Their message to you was, ‘I’m an American now. I’m here. Be my lawyer, not the lawyer for the migrants showing up in my backyard.'”

Maher continued his tirade to criticize the Democrats’ continued use of the term “Latinx” despite many polls explicitly stating that most Hispanic voters are against the use of the term. “AOC keeps defending it, saying, ‘Gender is fluid. Language is fluid.’ Yes, and Latino voters are fluid — and more of them now than ever are identifying as Republicans.”

He finished his tirade by using the same concept on parents who wanted to get their kids back in school after multiple months of lockdowns and to student loan forgiveness, among many other issues.

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