Wisconsin Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Blasts New ‘Red Flag’ Laws

Tim Michels, a construction executive and a Wisconsin Republican gubernatorial candidate, called out “red flag laws” in statements this past Friday, stating that they were entirely “unconstitutional.”

Michels issued these statements as part of a televised debate shown this past Friday evening in Madison against incumbent Governor Tony Evers (D-WI), who showed his support for the new red flag laws and universal background checks throughout the debate.

“We need to make sure that we uphold the Constitution and that law abiding gun owners are not having their guns confiscated. I will be there for responsible gun owners,” stated Michels after labeling the red flag laws a very “slippery slope.”

Evers highlighted the red flag laws and mandatory background checks as “reasonable” proposals, before making the claim that “responsible gun owners don’t have to worry about red flag laws because it will never be an issue for them.”

While speaking to a previous question regarding crim throughout the state, Michels stated that the answer from the Left regarding the escalating violence was to just take away everyone’s guns.

“The Left always just wants to take away guns and thinks that’s the problem. I am a responsible gun owner; I will protect your Second Amendment rights,” stated the Republican candidate.

The pair of candidates, who are neck-and-neck in a fiercely right race, also went back and forth concerning education and abortion throughout their first, of possibly many, general election debates.

Michels, who stated that he “make[s] no apologies” for being entirely pro-life, stated that he stood in support of the 1849 abortion ban for the state, but would stand behind exceptions for incest and rape. Evers, who attempted and failed to get the Republican-led legislature of the state to repeal the ban this past summer, seeks to have abortion protected by state law.

When speaking about education, Michels, who sports backing from former president Donald Trump, has stood in support of policies for universal school choice, while his opponent Evers seeks to issue more funding to public schools.

As part of comments in the wake of the Debate, Michels stated that Evers had totally failed in his role as governor, while Evers labeled his Republican opponent as “extreme.”

“This election is a referendum on Tony Evers’ tired, old leadership that has freed violent criminals, shut down our state economy, and failed our students,’ explained Patrick McNulty, the campaign manager for Michels.

Cassi Fenili, the campaign manager for Evers, stated that Michels had “staked out the most extreme positions possible, with the goal of dividing our state and pitting neighbors against one another.”

One poll carried out by Marquette Law School discovered that Evers sat with 47% of likely voters in Wisconsin while Michels sported 46%.

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