Widow Of Police Chief Killed By Rioters Calls Out Democrats For Dividing America

The widow of the retired St. Louis police captain who was killed in June of 2020 during the riots that resulted from the death of George Floyd hurled criticism at both Vice President Kamala Harris and leftist billionaire George Soros over their wholesale support of soft-on-crime policies.

A retired police sergeant herself with over 20 years of service, Ann Dorn spoke of her husband David, who was 77 -years old when he was murdered in the riots as he investigated a series of alarms going off at a St. Louis pawn shop owned by a friend, claiming that his death was a direct result of local police being “ordered not to do their jobs.”

“David became a cop because when he was a little boy he wanted to be a superhero,” Ann Dorn stated in an opinion piece published by Fox News. “And he was a superhero. But if real life superheroes exist, so do supervillains.”

“Those supervillains are people like the man who killed my husband. They are people like, billionaire George Soros, who use their power and influence to promote extremist politics and fan the flames of division. They are people like Vice President Kamala Harris, who raised money for the rioters’ bail funds, and the CEOs of prominent companies who blindly gave their support and money to this,” she expressed.

Back on the 2nd of June, 2020, David Dorn, after a career with the St. Louis’ Metropolitan Police Department of over 38 years and then as police chief in Moline Acres, approached Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry in the wake of an alarm going off. 24 year old Stephan Cannon then shot Dorn ten times and was later convicted of murder in the first degree.

“David didn’t agree with or support Black Lives Matter,” stated Ann Dorn about her husband, who was black. “He never understood Black Lives Matter, because it never actually did anything to help Black lives. The same year David was killed, over a dozen children were shot in St. Louis, and never once did Black Lives Matter show up. Their lives mattered. Fifty-five businesses were looted or destroyed the night David was murdered, many of them Black-owned. Their livelihoods mattered. My husband was a Black man who selflessly served his community for over 40 years. His life mattered.”

She finished her comments, “Ultimately, David was murdered because the people who are supposed to protect our streets — active-duty police officers — were ordered not to do their jobs. It is clear that the anti-law enforcement sentiment that has been fueled in this country by Democrat and left-wing activist rhetoric has gone too far. Yes, there are bad cops out there, but addressing bad policing by ordering no policing at all is not a solution. It is extremist, it is dangerous, and it cost my husband his life.”

Soros shelled out over $28 million in support of far-left candidates for district attorney in cities all over the country such as Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles, as reported by The Daily Mail.

Harris has made quite well known her public support of the Minnesota Freedom Fund throughout the 2020 summer riots. She claimed via social media, “If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.”

The following year, the summer of 2021, the very same fund stepped in to bail out George Howard after he was arrested on domestic abuse charges. Just a short time after his release he was slammed with a murder charge stemming from the killing of a driver in a road rage incident.

“The Republican Party did reach out to me, several of them, just to offer their condolences,” Ann Dorn claimed in a previous interview. “Donald Trump did call; Donald Trump has a history of calling law enforcement and first responders’ families when somebody is lost in the line of duty; to offer his condolences, offer his help; that was nothing new. Dave was actually known in the community and he worked with a lot of Democrats, and I didn’t get one phone call or any condolence from any of them.”


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