WATCH: John Kirby Attempts To Defend Biden Over Classified Docs Scandal

Retired Rear Admiral John Kirby recently made an attempt at defending Old Uncle Joe throughout the escalating and ongoing scandal over mishandled classified documents — however, when he tried to issue an answer to a question coming from Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy, he left one a piece of very important information.

Doocy put forth the question of just what was the proper procedure for someone that had taken classified documents — whether it be intentionally or accidentally —  out of a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). Kirby claimed that the correct course of action would be for that person to make sure to “self-report” — and then made that claim that Biden had done that to the letter, quietly forgetting the fact that it had taken the president multiple YEARS to do so.


“Usually what happens to someone in the chain of command if they do leave [a SCIF] with a piece of classified material that they’re not supposed to have or that is not secure?” questioned Doocy.

“I think … ah … if you do it inadvertently or you do it and you realize you don’t have it secured in a locked bag, you know, you self-report,” answered Kirby, adding, “Which is exactly what the president did, self-report. But you self-report and you make sure that you get the material back secured where it belongs and that you’re transparent about it.”

No one seemed to be putting much credence behind the explanation issued by Kirby, however, because a number of people highlighted that despite th4e fact that Biden did go out and “self-report,” he had not done so until multiple years after he took possession of the highly classified documents.

“The WH did *not* self-report. Biden’s lawyers called the White House, which informed National Archives. DoJ only learned of this evident crime because NARA’s inspector general learned of it and called DoJ. Team Silver Alert was hoping NARA would bury this,” stated Phineas Fahrquar via social media.

“I’m just guessing that a lower-level government employee who took classified information, kept it in his garage, and then ‘self-reported’ several years later wouldn’t get off with zero punishment,” explained Doug Powers.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley explained that Kirby — who currently works as the Coordinator for Strategic Communications for the National Security Council — had seemingly been given the power to give answers to questions that Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had told people to check in with the White House Counsel’s office for answers.

“Riddle me this: why can the Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby answer basic questions about classification rules but not the White House Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre?” pressed Turley.

Continuing, he noted that “The position of the White House has become entirely untethered from any legal or logical justification. What remains is a calculated use of the investigation to stonewall the public and the press.”

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