Tennessee House Committee Receives Testimony From Detransitioners Regarding ‘Gender-Affirming Care’

A number of young adults that formerly identified as transgender are not speaking up to testify in favor of fully banning the chemical and surgical treatments being carried out on minors that medically harmed them.

Tennessee lawmakers have not gotten closer than ever to securing a full-scale ban on the practice of child sex change procedures in the state. This new bill, currently known as SB 0001, which would ban the use of cross-sex hormones, puberty-blocking drugs, and gender-related surgeries on minors statewide, has quickly started to roll forward across a number of committees and is on its way to securing itself as a law, with the help of the testimonies of those who have de-transitioned.

“As a detransitioned adult I recognize the importance that civil action laws like this would provide in holding the people accountable who did this to me as a child and preventing other children from being harmed,” expressed Prisha Mosley.

Now at the age of 24, Mosley thought back to being 15 when she was first told about this new gender ideology from the transgender community and then at 17 when she was issued a very “high dose” of testosterone. The next year, Mosley ended up getting a double mastectomy, which she now described as having her “healthy breasts cut off.”

Mosley stated that her myriad psychiatric conditions and trauma from a sexual assault ended up being totally ignored as soon as she “uttered the word gender.”

“My therapist even attested that all of my problems were caused by being ‘born in the wrong body,’” expressed Mosley. “This wasn’t true, but I was medicalized anyway.”

Mosley spoke about a “zapping pain” she feels through her chest, where a pair of long scars still sit, and the ongoing side effects stemming from long-term use of testosterone treatments which include having disproportionately large shoulders which cause her pain, extreme hair loss on her head, and rapid hair growth all across her body, a permanent sore throat and voice which can no longer be raised, along with near constant joint and muscle aches.

“I decided that I did not want to be a woman before I had ever gotten to be one,” claimed Mosley. “I was a little girl, now I will never know what it is fully like. I fully support a bill that protects youth from the undeniable harm caused by so-called ‘gender affirming care.’”

The state Senate Judiciary Committee meeting, which was held this past Tuesday, only allowed for one speaker in favor of the bill and just three against it, each being given three minutes to speak. Abel Garcia, who is a detransitioned man who had flown from Texas to testify, was not allowed the chance to speak, but put out a clip containing his prepared statements via social media instead.

“Looking at today’s climate, I am very worried and concerned because if I, as an adult, was led astray by the medical system and those who were supposed to help me, what hope do children have today?” explained Garcia, who was forcibly chemically and surgically transitioned as a young kid and now deals with constant urinary tract problems and genital atrophy as a result of hormone therapy.

On the flip side, Kathy Sinback, who works as the executive director of the Tennessee chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), spoke up with threats of lawsuits should the state choose to pass the law.

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