Switzerland Announced New Stance About Gender Ideology

Officials for the Swiss Government have elected to reject the idea of officially introducing a “third gender” or “no gender” option for the official records of the country.

This past week, Switzerland made a statement expressing that it will not be going along with the “gender identity” ideology train that has been recently adopted by its European neighbors. Swiss residents will continue to be marked in the civil registry of the country with no exceptions as either female or male.

“The binary gender model is still strongly anchored in Swiss society,” the Swiss Federal Council explained in a response to a pair of proposals coming from parliament, as explained by the Associated Press.

“The social preconditions for the introduction of a third gender or for a general waiver of the gender entry in the civil registry currently are not there,” it stated.

It was also noted by the Associated Press that the Federal Council has claimed that including alternative options for gender markers would need “numerous” alterations to the Swiss Constitution and to various laws both at the national and state (canton) levels.

The process if altering the constitution of the country is very complicated. As explained to the Swiss Parliament, a partial or complete revision of the country’s constitution would have a requirement of being approved by both a majority of the nation’s 26 cantons along with a majority of the voters.

The political system for Switzerland utilizes four parties that have views ranging from right to left and a large number of referendums are held on a large number of topics.

Germany and Austria, the neighboring countries to Switzerland, along with a number of other Western European countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium, have all changed up their civil registries to include a “no gender” or “third gender” option. Back in April 2022 in the United States, the Biden administration chose to add a new “third gender” option, “X”, for all of its issued passports.

Switzerland is fairly famous for its historical tradition-based, no-nonsense culture with an extreme adherence to both science and reason-based policies. Swiss residents live with and enjoy the perks of a stable economy, one of the highest life expectancies on the plat, and extremely low unemployment.

No matter how someone chooses to “identify,” sexes for humans have two varieties: male and female. Biologists who have not adopted political ideology instead of scientific study all agree that sex is “real, immutable and binary.” Despite the claims that current pop-science trendy articles show sex as a “spectrum” by pointing to the fact that intersex conditions exist these disorders of sex development (DSD) do not stand against the binary nature of sex.

“‘Actual science’ done by biologists shows 2 sexes, one with small mobile gametes and the other with large, immobile ones,” stated Jerry Coyne, an esteemed evolutionary biologist, as a response to the various pop-science articles.

“There is no third sex,” concluded Coyne. “Disorders of sex development are not new sexes, and biological sex is binary. Let’s not conflate sex, gender & developmental anomalies.”

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