Stacey Abrams Makes Extreme Declaration Concerning Pregnancy & Abortion

This past Sunday, Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams made the odd claim that “it is a fallacy we know exactly when a pregnancy starts.”

Abrams has been known to be an extreme opponent to the “heartbeat” law from Georgia which bans abortions after six weeks, or once the fetal heartbeat can be detected. While speaking during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Abrams was questioned about what she would say was an acceptable limit for any abortion restrictions. However, Abrams ignored the question by refusing to accept any sort of “arbitrary” limits concerning abortion, stating that the point of viability itself was a choice made by one’s doctor.

“What I’ve always said is that abortion is a medical decision that should be made by a doctor and the woman, and that the point of viability, as determined by a doctor, should always take into consideration the life and health of the woman,” exclaimed Abrams. “That should be the standard. But the arbitrary standards of timelines ignore the medical reality that it is a fallacy we know exactly when a pregnancy starts, that we know exactly where we are in the system – I mean in the term.”

“What doctors will tell you is that they need to make decisions based on the woman they are treating,” she went on. “And what women will tell you is that they need the right to make the medical decisions that can save their lives and save their ability to control their bodies and their futures.”

Abrams has issued a long list of public comments shouting out radical and entirely uncompromising views which are heavily pro-abortion.

Back in September, Abrams made the claim that a fetal heartbeat which could be detectable via ultrasound equipment was just a “manufactured sound” utilized as a means to further oppress women.

“There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks,” stated Abrams as part of a panel discussion held this past month. “It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body in place of her.”

Back in June while appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Abrams outright rejected a ruling from a federal court that stood with the “heartbeat” law. “I do not [support the decision],” stated Abrams. “And I would reject the notion that this is the will of the people. This is a political decision made by the narrowest of margins and done to satisfy an even narrower constituency.”

“I believe that should be a choice made between a doctor and a woman and in consultation with her family,” she concluded. “But I think the challenge that we have is that we keep putting this in a political space.”

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