Sen. Toomey Calls Out Sen. Manchin Over Response To Democrat Tax And Spending Package

In comments issued this past Sunday, Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) stated that the moderate Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has been “taken to the cleaners” by the Senate Democrats when he actually agreed to their insane tax and spending package.

While on a segment of “Face the Nation” from CBS, Toomey claimed that Manchin had been bamboozled by his Democratic Colleagues into saying yes to the new reconciliation plan. Toomey went on to state that the package from the Democrats makes use of some accounting gimmicks that the group claims will end up lowering inflation, the very same tricks there Manchin previously stood against while they sat in the “Build Back Better” plan. He also went after Democrats for making a promise to Manchin of a pro-energy infrastructure bill but not including provisions in the current package.

“I think he got taken to the cleaners,” stated Toomey. “He’s agreeing to all this bad policy, and return for which he’s been promised there is going to be some kind of pro-energy infrastructure bill sometime in the future.”

“Well, first of all, I thought we did that in the infrastructure bill.” he went on. “Secondly, what is the text? But most importantly, why isn’t that in this bill and the answer is because Democrats don’t support it. So this is going to do a lot of harm, and there is not going to be a corresponding benefit.”

Toomey shot down the idea that the bill could end up reducing the federal deficit.

“[T]hey use the same gimmick that Senator Manchin said he was opposed to in the past. They claim the revenue over a ten-year window from their big tax increase, and their price controls, and then the expenditure that they acknowledged, they pretend is only going to be for three years,” explained Toomey.

“That’s the Obamacare subsidies for wealthy Americans. That’s an obvious political payoff. The last time they had to do this, they said it would only be for two years,” he stated. “It is about to expire, and they can’t have it expire before an election, so they’re extending it, but only for three years. They have no intention of ever ending the Obamacare subsidies over a ten-year window that wipes out the purported deficit reduction.”

“They are also counting huge amounts of additional tax revenue from giving more taxes – money to the IRS, which the [Congressional Budget Office] does not agree with, they’re also not taking into account how much our economy will slow down from this big corporate tax increase that will mostly hurt manufacturing and domestic investment. These numbers are very, very dubious.”

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