Ronna McDaniel Finds New Challenger For Her Role As RNC Chair

Reportedly, Conservative attorney Harmeet Dhillon has expressed her new plans for challenging Ronna McDaniel for her seat as the Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.

With a resume sporting expertise on civil liberties and time served as the former vice chairwoman of the California Republican Party, Dhillon has been allegedly taking part in meetings with various RNC members as a way to prepare for the opening of her bid to take the seat from McDaniel in the coming days.

“After three successive terms of underwhelming results at the polls for the GOP, all the while with leaders congratulating ourselves for outstanding performance, I feel that we owe it to our voters to have a serious debate about the leadership of the party and what we must change to actually win in 2024,” stated Dhillon in a release given to Politico.

Various rumors of Dhollon’s possible run swirl after former New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin claimed he would consider making a run — along with a former top Trump White House official who is the wife of American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp, Mercedes Schlapp has also spoken about making a bid for the role.

Dhillon stated in her release that “tens of thousands of Republicans have contacted me in recent weeks about the future of the party, demanding that we make changes in order to fulfill our only function of electing Republicans nationally.”

It was recently expressed, by McDaniel, to committee members that she would be seeking a bid for reelection in order to once again lead the party out through the 2024 presidential elections due to a large amount of feedback from her support, many of whom reached out to push her to once again continue her role of leading the committee.

The chairwoman has not chosen to issue a response to any requests for additional comments concerning the possible bid from Dhillon.

RNC members are expected to carry out a new vote to decide the Chairmanship while attending the annual winter meeting for the committee that is held at the first of the year out in Dana Point, California.

Mike Lindell, the well-known founder of MyPillow, also claimed that we could be thinking of taking a stab at running for the leadership chair of the 168 member-committee. Currently, Lindell is struggling to battle a defamation lawsuit, originally filed by Dominion Voting Systems in the wake of Lindell claiming that the company secretly rigged their machines for the 2020 elections to count in favor of President Joe Biden. Dominion is attempting to secure close to $1.3 billion in damages.

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