Remains Of Missing Oklahoma 4-Year-Old Finally Discovered After Mysterious Circumstances

The search for recently missing Oklahoma 4-year-old Athena Brownfield has officially reached its tragic conclusion in the wake of human remains being discovered last week which were positively identified as being those of the missing girl.

Brownfield was first found to be missing back on the 10th of January in the wake of a mail carrier discovering her 5-year-old sister shuffling around outside of a house located in Cyril, Oklahoma, read a report from CNN. Ivon Adams and his wife Alysia were taken into custody a few days after that and charged with the disappearance of Brownfield.  The two were carting for the pair of young girls, alleges police officials.

“Due to a gag order filed in Caddo County District Court, there is no additional comment on the investigation from the OSBI,” expressed the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) in a release that was posted to Facebook.

Ivon is looking down the barrel of additional charges of first-degree murder and felony child neglect and is accused of beating Brownfield to death and trying to hide the body by burying it next to his old house. The wife has pleaded not guilty to a pair of counts of felony child neglect. She stands accused of “failing to protect (Athena) from physical abuse” coming from her husband, read a document explaining the charges.

Back on the 12th of January, Alysia openly confessed via an interview with police officials that Icon hit Brownfield a number of times this past Christmas night, which lead to the girl’s death.

Alysia spoke out with vivid details about how her husband carried out the alleged murder, stating that after he beat the young girl, he “held her up by her arms” and then spotted that she was “not moving and her eyes were barely open,” the arrest affidavit read.

Allegedly, Ivon then “laid her on the ground and punched her at least three more times in the chest.” At that point, the young Brownfield stopped moving entirely.

At that point, he allegedly “buried her near a fence line” outside of the old house located in Rush Springs, Oklahoma, as stated in released court documents. Alysia allegedly explained to authorities that Ivon put a “large broken branch” on top of the area in which he buried the young child.

Ivon was officially taken into custody in Arizona and then extradited back to Oklahoma, where he is currently in jail.

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