President Biden Targeted By Harsh Criticism For His Spreading Of ‘Disinformation’ About Firearms

President Joe Biden has found himself in seriously hot water after the Memorial Day holiday weekend due to claims that he has been spreading extreme “disinformation” about the second amendment and firearms in general.

Biden, who used most of the weekend speaking with the grieving families and local government officials in Uvalde, Texas, has once again resounded his calls for stricter gun control after the recent school shooting that happened last Tuesday. A few of his claims, such as the idea that a 9mm bullet “blows the lung out of the body” and his debunked yet often repeated claim that individuals were not allowed to purchase cannons when the Second Amendment was penned, have made many critics step up to call out his crazy claims.

David Hookstead, with the Daily Caller, put out a comment about Biden’s statements about 9mm bullets, positing, “Will fact checkers be flagging his comment as misinformation?”

Along with the insane claims he has made about 9mm bullets, Biden has also started to once again parrot his heavily debunked claims that individual citizens were not allowed to buy cannons when the Second Amendment was penned.

Jonathan Turley, a professor of law at George Washington University issued a response to the statement by suggesting that Biden was trafficking in “disinformation,” talking about Biden’s push for gun control throughout an appearance on Fox News.

“There’s a real chilling effect on people talking about the facts of gun control. You know, people want to suggest that you can simply legislate away gun violence. That’s not going to happen. There’s 400 million weapons in this country, 15 million of which are estimated to be AR-15s,” explained Turley. “But it also is a fact that when we banned assault weapons for that earlier period there was not an appreciable decrease in gun violence associated with it. So we can have what the president calls a common sense discussion, but we need to be able to deal with it on a factual rather than purely rhetorical way.”

“And it’s got to start with the president. Today he repeated a clearly false statement about the Second Amendment,” concluded Turley. “Many of us have repeatedly said that his statement that you could not own a cannon or other weapons when the Second Amendment was ratified is untrue. Even The Washington Post admitted it’s untrue and yet the president keeps on repeating that as a defense for his call for gun control. He’s undermining his own case by repeating what is ironically disinformation.”

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