Piers Morgan Highlights Suggestion For Those Scared Of Twitter’s Possible Death

Piers Morgan, the infamous TV host, put forth a suggestion for any of those, including celebrities, who he stated have been “whining about ‘the death of Twitter” in the wake of Elon Musk taking over the company.

The close to 60-year-old Famed British broadcaster utilized Twitter this past Friday and claimed to his 8.1 million followers, “Could all the people currently whining about ‘the death of Twitter’ since [Elon Musk] bought it… just leave Twitter?”

Reading through the responses that have been stemming from Morgan’s tweet, the vast majority of those who answered the post agreed, including the new CEO himself, who shot back, “Seriously.”

One commenter stated, “…I find it funny though how folks like to claim ‘Twitter is dead’ etc. … on Twitter.”

“They said they would leave as soon as he took over but somehow, they are still here…talking about how Twitter [is] “dead” while on Twitter! Amidst reports of Twitter being “dead”, my Twitter experience has never been better,” chimed in another.

“Instead of dying, Twitter has the largest traffic on the web comparing to other folks, also, it leads by far the number of new users comparing to old platforms. Misinformation created by the old press only shows that tweeter is doing fantastic. #eloneffect,” stated another.

The explosive post from Morgan takes place in the wake of a tidal wave of complaints from various people such as Bette Midler, Mia Farrow, and many more concerning his takeover.

“Musk frequently talks of Twitter as ‘A digital public square’ conjuring up quaint images with equal voices exchanging ideas. That’s naive; it’s often more akin to well-resources asymmetric warfare, w/bad actors & nation states working in the shadows to manipulate the platform,” stated Midler in a tweet to the 2.1 million people following her.

“And amplify disinformation,” she went on to state in another post to the platform. “In other words, a real s***show, that will instantly devolve into #RadioRwanda. And we all remember how that went.”

“Well if Twitter becomes even more toxic — with Trumpy-treasonous lies & all the hatred — it will be taken less seriously, and people like me will quit — for peace of mind,” stated Farrow in a post that has since been deleted back in April, as reported by Newsweek.

“You [Musk] gave us Tesla and Space X,” she went on. “Thank you! Hope you can keep Twitter worthy of your previous achievements and of lawful people everywhere.”

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