Panelist For NBC Speaks Out About The Issues Republicans Currently Control

Pat McCrory, the former Republican North Carolina Governor, claimed that currently, every single one of the main winning issues are leaning heavily Republican in the midterm elections — including that of Old Uncle Joe and his partner Cive President Kamala Harris.

While making an appearance on This past Sunday’s “Meet the Press” from NBC to speak as a panelist, McCrory claimed that Republicans are currently managing to pull in voters across various topics such as immigration and inflation. He then stated that both Harris and Biden themselves are not working in the favor of Democrats due to their absolute void in charisma that would be utilized to mobilize their voter bases to show up at the polls.

“The Republicans, I think, still have the winners,” stated McCrory. “Inflation, especially related to energy…the gas prices, the price of eggs, the price of turkey as Thanksgiving is coming up– that is what everyone is reminded of every day, that’s why I give advantage to the Republicans. Immigration. Biden and Harris are an issue also. They don’t consume a room. They don’t have standing when they walk in the room. Some people do, [former President Barack] Obama does, Biden and Harris don’t.”

“In fairness, nobody has standing when their approval ratings are in the low 40s,” chimed in the show’s host, Chuck Todd. “It’s amazing how much your standard gets better when you’re at 50%, in fairness.”

“The issue is going to be, with Trump going to Ohio, and Florida, which is a whole other issue, and Biden going– are [he and Harris] gonna turn off more voters?”

Old Uncle Joe is going to continue to campaign out in New York in favor of Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul because of extreme concerns that she could end up handily losing to Lee Zeldin, the currently leading Republican challenger. The event taking place is a massive get-out-the-vote rally that is attempting to create some enthusiasm throughout the Democratic voter base, as reported by the New York Times.

The Rally for Sunday ended a very action-packed week for Biden, who stumped for Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist and Senate candidate Val Demings in Miami Gardens on November 1. After only two days, he made his way out to New Mexico in order to work alongside struggling Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. This past Saturday, Biden joined both Democratic Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro and Senate hopeful John Fetterman in order to attempt to give more campaign strength.

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