Notre Dame University Professor In Hot Water For Assisting Students In Bypassing Indiana Abortion Ban

Over at the famed University of Notre Dame, one professor has been assisting students get access to abortion, all directly in spite of a recent mandate issued by the state outlawing abortion.

As a professor of global affairs and sociology at Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs, Dr. Tamara Kay is one of a few professors working at the predominately Catholic university that offers access to both abortion services and abortifacient drugs, as reported by the student newspaper of Notre Dame, The Irish Rover.

Reportedly, Kay is assisting students to get access to abortions, despite the abortion ban recently passed for the state, SB 1, which went into effect at the start of this past September, and the overall teachings of the Catholic Church, which Kay states she is also in direct conflict with.

Kay openly advertised her services via a poster hung just outside of her office. “This is a SAFE SPACE to get help and information on ALL Healthcare issues and access — confidentially with care and compassion,” explained the poster. The poster in question also included a personal email address next to the capital letter “J.” The letter “J” seems to be a symbol for several professors who are known to be willing to help the student retain their access to abortion services, explained the outlet.

“We are here (as private citizens, not representatives of ND) to help you access healthcare when you need it, and we are prepared in every way,” Kay stated in a recently deleted social media post. “Look for the ‘J’, Spread the word to students!”

As reported by The Irish Rover, the group of professors assists the students to get access to “Plan B” contraceptives, along with “Plan C,” which are drugs utilized in medication-style abortions up until the 11th week of pregnancy.

Kay carried out the majority of her advocacy via a personal social media account, for which she previously utilized the handle, “Dr. Tamara Kay — Notre Dame abortion rights expert.” However, her social media posts which facilitate access to abortion have since been deleted, and she has altered the handle on her Twitter to “Dr. Tamara Kay: Abortion Rights & Policy Scholar.” The biography of the section from her account is also disassociated from Notre Dame.

“I don’t speak for my employer (duh!),” stated the professor’s bio. Despite this, her page still includes a series of posts from Abortion finder, a directory for abortion services, and the abortion advocacy group Catholics for Choice.

Kay also stated as part of a panel discussion concerning abortion bans that her efforts to facilitate abortion go against the overall doctrine of the Catholic Church. “For me, abortion is a policy issue,” she stated. “And yes, my view runs afoul of Church teaching, but in other areas, my positions are perfectly aligned [with the Church].”

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