Michigan Republican Gubernatorial Nomination Cinched By Tudor Dixon

Tudor Dixon, a known conservative political commentator, has officially taken the win for the Republican nomination for governor in Michigan, as reported by Decision Desk HQ, which sets up a battle for this November between Dixon and Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI).

As stated in reports at the time of publishing, Dixon had secured enough to take the win in the primary, breaking the 70,000 vote barrier with just 13% of the vote in and well over double the vote counts of any of those standing against her. Dixon was recently backed by quite a few heavily influential Republicans throughout the state and all over the country, and just a scant few days before the primary held on Tuesday, she also received backing from President Donald Trump.

Dixon takes the victory out of a massively chaotic Michigan race that saw five of its candidates suspended from the ballot, which included former Detroit Police Chief James Craig, in the wake of fraudulent signatures being found on various ballot petitions. The wave was wide open in the wake of the ballot suspensions, setting five relatively unknown candidates against each other. Dixon did extremely well throughout the most recent sting of polling, and rode the wave to an easy win in the primary on Tuesday.

Back in June, Dixon spoke out about one potential battle against Whitmer, bashing the policies from the governor’s office that Dixon claims have “done so much damage to the state.”

“You look at what her record is, and we really strongly believe if we just hold her to her record, that’s enough to remind the people of Michigan that we can have a much better state,” explained Dixon.

Early on Tuesday, Whitmer was questioned about a possible matchup with Dixon and answered by making reference to any potential opponents as just “culture warriors.” “You’ve got culture warriors and you’ve got someone who’s a problem solver. That’s how I’ve always operated and that’s how I’ll continue to,” exclaimed the incumbent.

Dixon has highlighted the culture war going on throughout the race, including the issue of drag queens being able to perform for groups of children. “As Governor, I will sign a bill that creates severe criminal penalties for adults who involve children in drag shows,” stated Dixon via a post on social media.

“This type of behavior is criminal child sexually abusive activity,” she stated. “We will make Michigan the toughest state in the country on child sex abusers.”

In the following weeks, Dixon would back up her statements about drag queens by standing alongside Michigan Republican legislators for their announcement of a new bill that targets drag shows taking place in public schools. “We’re here to fight the culture war,” she exclaimed.

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