Michael Knowles Transgenderism Debate Receives Extreme Threats By Protesters

A large gathering of protesters is issued threats of amassing and showing up to shut down the upcoming debate on transgenderism with Michael Knowles.

Knowles is slated to carry out a debate about transgenderism and womanhood with Deirdre McCloskey, who is a widely known economics professor that is trans-identifying. The event is expected to be held at the University of Pittsburgh and will be hosted by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute on the evening of the 18th of April.

This past Tuesday, one Twitter user with the name “Norman” started to brigade his close to 33,000 followers to travel to the event and try to shut down the debate between the pair, Knowles and McCloskey.

“The university of pittsburgh is hosting this man on campus! it would be a shame if absolutely everyone showed up, disrupted and shut it down at 7:30pm on April 18th at the William Pitt Union,” exclaimed Norman in a social media post.

Norman seemed to be issuing a response to a recently posted video of Knowles that went viral of him speaking at CPAC. As part of his comments, Knowles stated that “transgenderism must be eradicated.” His statement was heavily misquoted by a number of left-bowing newsgroups that claimed that Knowles had called for the wholesale eradication of transgender people themselves.

“Show up!!! shut it DOWN!! email pitt!!!” exclaimed Norman in another tweet, along with a series of screenshots of the debate event page highlighting the dates and start times.

“ALSO it would be really a shame if you spammed their even[t] registration with fake names/info,” stated Norman in yet another whining tweet that included a link to the event’s webpage used for registration.

A number of protesters listened to the call for a witch hunt and spammed/called the registration page for the debate involving Knowles with a series of fake names until the event was sold out. A number of the names used were quite horrible in nature including “Suck My Girlc**k,” “Moe Lester,” “Anna Bortion,” and “Gof*** Yerself” all seemingly from “ANTIFA University.”

A number of users from Twitter spoke up about the original tweet talking about assaulting Knowles directly, taking a road trip out to the university to protest the debate, and just take the day off work. One user on the platform that reportedly uses “they” pronouns encourages additional protestors to abide by the rules of the university  when it comes to protesting peacefully, which received a resounding and mocking, “no.”

Knowles commented that these protesters seemed to be deathly afraid of hearing what he wanted to say.

“My debate opponent is a distinguished professor with three degrees from Harvard, countless scholarly publications, and six honorary doctorates,” Knowles explained about the event. “And still the transgenderists appear hellbent on keeping me from articulating the argument against transgender ideology. It’s almost as if they’re afraid I’ll win the debate.”


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