Mass Shooting During California Lunar New Year Celebration Leaves Heavy Casualties

A recent mass shooting that took place during Lunar New Year Celebration in a Los Angeles suburb this past weekend resulted in ten dead and at least another ten hospitalized.

The shooting took place inside of a dance studio located in Monterey Park, known to be a predominately Asian community located just a short ten miles to the east of L.A. As stated by local news outlets, “police believe they know who the suspect is” but at that time did not have a name or location, nor did they have a motive at the time of announcement. As part of a Sunday morning Press conference, Robert Luna, the Sheriff of Los Angeles County, stated that the suspect has been most commonly described as “a male Asian” who is between the ages of 30 and 50 years old. Luna stated that among the dead were five males and five females.

Officials with the Sheriff’s Department recently put out pictures of the suspected gunman that had at the time still been at large. Law enforcement officials stated that the man had also been a suspect in another incident that took place in Alhambra that occurred after the Monterey Park killings and that the man “should be considered armed and dangerous.” Police officials have stated that they plan to withhold the name of the suspect, stating that at the time the releasing of it could have hurt their chances at taking him into custody.

Originally, officials with law enforcement was sent out at close to 10:22 p.m. Saturday night after the shooter fled the scene.

“When officers arrived on scene, they observed numerous individuals, patrons … pouring out of the location, screaming. The officers made entry to the location and located additional victims,” explained Captain Andrew Meyer from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office.

Meyer claimed that a total of ten of the gunshot victims had been pronounced dead on the scene by firefighters, and another ten were rushed to area hospitals and have been marked as in conditions ranging from stable all the way up to critical. One man who is known to live near the assaulted dance studio explained to the Los Angeles Times that his friend had been in the bathroom when the shooting started, and after she came out, she spotted three bodies and a gunman. His friend claimed that the killed seemed to be firing rounds at random using a long gun, as reported by The Los Angeles Times.


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