Keanu Reeves Forced To File Protection Order Over Insane Stalker

Famed actor Keanu Reeves has recently been forced to fil for an order of protection in the wake of being harassed by an alleged stalker claiming to be blood-related to him.

As expressed in a report coming from entertainment site TMZ, Matthew Rosengart, the legal representation for Reeves, put in the paperwork for the order on Tuesday while stating that the alleged stalker — who has been identified as a 38-year-old man named Bryan Dixon — has been aggressively harassing both Reeves and Alexandra Grant, his partner, for a number of months.

Dixon, who has been labeled as a transient by Reeves, has repeatedly tried to make the high-profile movie star that they are somehow related —  even reportedly leaving a DNA test kit as a means to try and prove his point.

According to the TMZ reviewed court documents, Dixon has allegedly trespassed into property owned by Reeves a total of six times since this past November — including one such incident from the 5th of November when Dixon reportedly managed to sneak out into the property and then fall asleep.

He has been removed from the property only to quickly make his way back the next day, at which point Reeves made the claim that he left a satchel containing the alleged DNA kit.

Dixon has also reportedly utilized the last name “Reeves” in a few posts made to social media, claiming that he has officially signed his own rights over to the “Matrix” star —  despite the obvious fact that Reeves has stated that they do not know each other at all and has never before interacted before the alleged harassment took place.

The legal team for Reeves looked into the criminal history of Dixon as well — they claim that his rap sheet is of extreme length and includes a currently active Rhode Island bench warrant for breaking and entering “with felonious intent.”

The papers stated that Dixon tried to get into the property illegally as recently as the 20th of January, and that police forces have made sure to get involved to help resolve the situation.

As for the requested protection order, a judge has agreed that the transient Dixon could end up being a threat to the star’s safety and issued the order: Dixon cannot try to get within 100 yards of either Grant or Reeves.

This is not the first time the pair has been forced to go to court for this kind of thing. Previously, Grant put in for a protection order back in 2020 because of a female stalker who was reportedly obsessed with both Reeves and his career before swapping his full attention over to Grant.

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