Karine Jean-Pierre Has Been Called Out For Being “Transparently Unwilling To Answer Questions”

Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, recently went off on White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, publically claiming that the only single thing that that the administration of President Joe Biden was really “transparent” about was their aggressive unwillingness “to answer questions.”

Turley recently spoke out to lay out his thoughts as part of a short post to social media in the wake of the briefing on Friday, claiming that the White House was refusing to even attempt to answer questions even when they did not need it, stating that they were doing so in order to try and protect the investigation surrounding classified documents discovered inside of Biden’s personal areas.

“It is increasingly painful to watch Karine Jean-Pierre as she argues that they have been ‘transparent’ by being transparently unwilling to answer any questions,” started Turley.

“Nothing prevents the White House from answering basic questions about the scandal. It will not undermine the Justice Department for the White House to confirm the President’s position and recollection,” Turley went on, adding that the stonewalling seemed to be specifically crafted to defend Biden instead of trying to protect the overall integrity of the investigation.

Turley then spotlights the fact that officials with the White House had already asserted its defense, claiming that Biden had taken out the highly classified papers “inadvertently,” and made the argument that there was not any reason as to why Jean-Pierre could not confirm such sentiment — or even try and elaborate about how that could have taken place — throughout press briefings.

“I can understand the desire of a criminal defense attorney for Biden to remain silent. However, the refusal to answer basic questions is not to protect the ‘independence of the Justice Department’ or the investigation. It meant to protect the President as an individual,” finished Turley.

Turley ended up posing a number of questions last week about the highly classified documents and the president’s apparent defense, stating that some of the facts up to this point did not really line up with the previously mentioned accidental removal of the documents — that were reportedly discovered scattered across a number of locations, reaching all the way from he Penn-Biden Center  in Washington, D.C., to his Wilmington, Delaware, home and garage.

“The ‘inadvertent’ defense has its dangers. If Biden worked off any of these documents for his book (which dealt with some of the underlying subjects), the inadvertent defense is not only shattered but could be viewed as an effort to deceive the public,” stated Turley, going on to add that the papers getting spread to a number of locations also seemed to suggest that a few of them had been moved more than once.

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