Karine Jean-Pierre Called Out For ‘Gaslighting’ By Podcast Titan

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre found herself in the center of the crosshairs of podcasting titan Joe Rogan of the “Joe Rogan Experience” during an episode calling out the press sec over her “incredible gaslighting.”

Rogan issued his statements while having a talk with comedian Duncan Trussell as the pair put on their respective Halloween costumes.

“If you’re a lawyer, your job is not to make a judgment in your head. ‘I think maybe this guy’s lying and maybe he did it.’ Your judgment is to try to get your client off. And that’s why a lot of defense attorneys, man, that’s a slippery f***ing weird world to be in. Well, don’t you think it’s the same way in the government? If you’re that poor lady who’s the White House press secretary?” stated Rogan. “It’s the f***ing worst job. It’s the worst job. You get all the hate of the president and none of the power. Like f***ing everybody hates you.”

Rogan pointed out the incident in which President Joe Biden attempted to search for a deceased congresswoman, Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN), while attending a recent White House event, calling out, “Where’s Jackie?”

The press secretary chimed in about the incident by claiming that Biden was searching for the deceased congresswoman due to her being “top of mind,” and that it had absolutely nothing to do with any sort of cognitive issues.

“’Top of mind. She was top of mind.’ I mean, it was really like the — it was like for what she had to work with, it was some incredible gaslighting,” stated Rogan. “Top of mind’s a good one because it’s nonsense.”

Trussell chimed in to suggest that Jean-Pierre had not been able to create a spin such as “top of mind” on her own and she must have had some outside help in coming to the president’s aid.

“I think that exactly is probably what happens,” agreed Rogan. “There’s probably some consultation on what’s the best phrasing … So that’s her job, just like a defense attorney. It’s their job to try to get their client off. That’s her job.”

Rogan went off on the modern media for gaslighting throughout yet another episode with celebrity psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw concerning the mental fitness for office of Pennsylvania Democrat U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman.

“It might just be f***ing propaganda, it’s so dangerous some of the gaslighting that you’re seeing,” exclaimed Rogan. “I’m sure you saw that debate between Dr. Oz and that guy Fetterman for the Pennsylvania Senate. And the gentleman Fetterman had a stroke five months ago. And he’s clearly compromised, to the point where while he’s communicating, he’s not just stumbling. He kind of lost in thought and can’t form a coherent sentence and bounces around from it. He looks, he looks troubled. And I was watching MSNBC and they were trying to say, ‘well, I mess up sometimes when I talk and you know, I misspeak and I stumble on my words.’”

“Of course you do, everybody does, we’re human. I do it all the time,” Rogan concluded. “But there’s a big difference between the overall one hour debate. You’re looking at a guy who seems to have something really wrong with his brain. And for you to gaslight and pretend that’s not the case just because it doesn’t fit with your narrative, that’s not news. That’s propaganda and it’s f***ing dangerous.”

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