Joe Rogan Speaks Up About Musk Officially Taking Over Twitter

As the host of the popular podcast “Joe Rogan Experience,” Joe Rogan highlighted during a recent episode of his podcast that new Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who recently took over Twitter late last week, had always been historically “very Left-leaning” until he observed those on the political Left start to censor and crack down on anyone who had differing views from them.

Rogan issued the statements while taking part in a conversation with comedian Bridget Phetasy just a few days in the wake of Musk closing the massive $44 billion purchase, which needed a period of six months of discourse in order to finalize, to head up the social media company. Musk started his time as the chief of the company by sending its entire roster of top executives, along with the company’s top lawyers, straight out the door.

The pair kicked off their talks by discussing some of the people that needed to be allowed back onto the social media platform because they were issued bans for various political reasons and not because they actually violated any of the platform’s serious rules.

Rogan highlighted that the political Left has “been enjoying the fact that it’s an ideological thought bubble, that Twitter has only enforced Left-wing ideologies.”

“And they’ve suppressed any conservative ideologies, even amongst reasonable, kind people that don’t share the same ideology,” stated Rogan. “That’s f***ing bad for our society.”

“What Elon wants to bring back to Twitter is reasonable exchange of ideas,” stated Rogan, who is known to be friends with Musk. “That’s like, he really thinks it’s important.”

“I think it’s important too, but it’s rare that someone is that wealthy that can do that,” Rogan continued. “And also, he was very Left-leaning for most of his life until really recently, the pandemic in particular and the way people have sort of enforced these ideologies, regardless of whether or not the science supports it. And he thinks it’s bad. And I think it’s true. I think, I think we have a real problem with discourse, particularly like discourse on Twitter.”

Rogan went on to highlight just what some people “would like to do is silence the people that have opposing viewpoints.”

“And then you get all this positive feedback from all the people that agree with you,” stated Rogan, going on to add that those people see the people which they are attempting to censor as “Nazi fascists.”


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