Investigation Kicks Off Against California Teacher For Stance On Transgender Surgeries

Recently, a “full investigation” was started out at a Northern California city college into one math professor that made arguments against the pushing of transgender surgeries and the use of hormone blockers on kids in a chain of emails that were able to be obtained by the area’s local media outlets.

Due to an email sent out to Sacramento City College faculty which promoted “The Ethics of Providing Healthcare” this past week at Sacramento State University, Professor Robert Crawford wrote that children should have the power to “figure out who they are without being bullied into radical surgeries and hormone blockers.”

“We should stand against castrating boys and we should imprison any doctor who cuts off healthy girls [sic] breasts,” stated Crawford. “This is an evil that we should all be against.”

“No child fantasies about being the opposite sex/gender should be entertained,” he went on. “For Christs sake, stop this madness.”

Crawford saw quite a bit of backlash from a number of the other members of staff, including one such member from the department of Sociology that pressed of the math professor to give an explanation about how a child would “know they are really the opposite gender.”

“They’ve never had the body of the opposite gender so how do they know this? I’ll wait….” exclaimed the currently unnamed female member of the faculty.

Crawford then made the claim that the faculty member “plays for the other team … a double agent parading as a union rep,” who allegedly attempted to coerce other into taking a dose of “pseudo vaccine” and openly denied support to all other members of the faculty that were fired in the wake of their refusal to go along with the mandates.

“I suggest we vote for new leadership that isn’t compromised by his/her own Leftist/tyrannical ideology,” he stated prior to swapping back to the first topic.

“With all the people detransitioning and hating their parents for allowing them to butcher their bodies in their naivete [sic] as youths, we need to look far more skeptically at ‘doctors’ and others who would encourage radical surgeries and puberty blockers onto children,” explained Crawford. “Follow the money.”

As expressed by Dr. Shayne Sebold Taylor of the center’s Clinic for Transgender Health, the cost for “chest reconstruction” sits at roughly $40,000 per patient, a vaginoplasty procedure costs $20,000, and any patient taking part in female-to-male bottom surgeries could end up paying well over $100,000.

“It’s a lot of money,” stated Taylor at a Medicine Grand Rounds lecture which was discovered in a recording found on archived web pages. “These surgeries make a lot of money.”

As the Communications and Public Information Officer for Sacramento City College, Kaitlyn Collignon explained to the local media outlets that the school has already kicked off “a full investigation into the incident and communications in question, and will take all appropriate steps to protect the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff.”

Ash Bhagwat, a UC Davis Law Professor, stated to local media outlets that Crawford’s statements are “problematic” and very worrying as the professor sent the emails through his community college email address and that the professor’s views could end up creating a hostile work environment.

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