Hunter May Be In Trouble With Judge After Bar Status Claim

Hunter Biden is facing further legal problems after his sweetheart plea deal blew up in spectacular fashion. This follows revelations from former business partner Devon Archer that Joe Biden was talking on the speakerphone into meetings regarding the scandal. Now, it has been revealed that Hunter failed to tell a federal judge that he had been ‘not in good standing’ with the Connecticut Bar since March 2021.

According to Melissa Farley, a spokesperson with the Connecticut Judicial Branch, Hunter Biden was “not in good standing” and had an administrative suspension due to his failure to adhere to the Statewide Grievance Committee’s minimum continuing legal education requirements and to pay the Client Security Fund fee for 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. Kevin Rennie, a Connecticut lawyer, and former state legislator, said that Hunter should have been more forthcoming during his plea hearing.

“A lawyer who is asked under oath where he is admitted to practice and does not include in his response that he is suspended from practice in one of them has misled the court,” said Rennie. “He did not give her an answer that, I think most judges would see under these circumstances, was in good faith. It omitted crucial facts.”

The revelation puts further scrutiny on Hunter’s plea deal, as Judge Maryellen Noreika asked him about his status as a member of the bar. While Hunter Biden told the judge that he was a member of the bar in the District of Columbia and Connecticut, he did not mention that he had been suspended in Connecticut for more than two years.

Given the controversy surrounding his plea deal, the judge’s questioning of Hunter and the fact that he did not tell the truth at the hearing, this latest development could have serious implications. It remains to be seen if the judge decides to take action against Hunter, either imposing harsher penalties or voiding his plea deal entirely.

As the House Oversight Committee continues to look into the scandal involving the Biden family, more information about the case may soon come to light. In the meantime, Hunter Biden’s legal team may want to ensure that the First Son is up-to-date with his fees and requirements, or risk facing further repercussions.

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