Disney Whistleblowers Come Forward & Make A Bombshell Claim

Trouble is brewing at The Walt Disney Company as a whistleblower recently revealed to the world just how far the multi-billion dollar media conglomerate had gone in order to silence conservatives and enforce far-left “woke” politics.

According to WDW Pro, a YouTube channel that was given documents by the whistleblower, those who expressed conservative values in the workplace or outside of the workplace were required to go to HR to have serious conversations and discussions. It was also uncovered that people had their bonuses tied to how Chief Diversity Officer Latondra Newton felt about them.

Moreover, Disney supposedly culled their stable of conservatives as the whistleblower noted in the documents that were provided. So much so that it had become a monolithic state with those left either being far on the left spectrum or in hiding as moderate or conservative.

This is astonishing when one takes into consideration that Newton had been with the company since 2017 and already had done a tremendous amount of damage in the form of forced applause.

In addition, the whistleblower revealed that Disney was also manipulating their hiring and company training processes by requiring personnel to take part in “trainings and other educational D&I initiatives,” prioritize, promote, and sponsor those that attended or were involved in diversity and inclusion-focused initiatives, actively contribute to creating an inclusive and positive team environment and support colleagues from all backgrounds.

Further evidence of the company’s radical political agenda came to light after Gina Carano, the actress who was fired from her role as Cara Dune in The Mandalorian series, gave an interview with Ben Shapiro revealing that she had seen and experienced how Disney had been bullying their employees.

“Everyone is afraid of losing their job,” Carano said.

Some may still be holding out that Disney’s culture war will cease, as shown in a letter that was written by a group of anonymous employees. They asked for Disney to end the internal culture war that was victimizing many and to stop labeling non-progressives as “bigots.” However, as of right now, it’s unclear if that will even happen.

With the recent news and the immense amount of damage that has already been done, it’s no surprise that Disney’s approval rating is in the dumps, plummeting from 77 percent in 2020 to 33 percent nowadays.

Whether this radical agenda flies or if it fails, one thing can’t be denied. Those at Disney have been terrorized enough already by their own company and it’s time for Disney to right several wrongs if it wants to survive.

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