Hillary Clinton Attempts To Support Finnish Prime Minister Through Scandal By Posting Photos Of Herself Dancing

For some odd reason, none other than Hillary Clinton has chosen to chime in on the scandal clouding the videos of Sanna Marin, the Prime Minister of Finland, performing provocative dances at a party by attempting to offer her support — by posting a picture of herself dancing while she held the office of the secretary of state in Cartagena, Colombia, well over ten years ago.

Marin has been the target of some pretty hefty criticism over a series of videos that show her dancing in a quite intimate manner with a man that is not her husband, as well as a series of videos taken of topless women kissing at her official residence.

“As Ann Richards said, ‘Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels,’” claimed Clinton in a tone of extreme feminism, speaking of the former Democratic governor of Texas. “Here’s me in Cartagena while I was there for a meeting as Secretary of State. Keep dancing, @marinsanna.”

Sanna has since reached out to publicly thank Clinton for her odd support.

Clinton made sure to quite a 1988 keynote speech from Richards when they spoke at the Democratic National Convention referencing Astaire and Rogers, but the line has since been attributed to an earlier usage from a 1982 Frank and Earnest cartoon written by Bob Thaves.

Marin officially apologized in the wake of the photos of two bare-chested women kissing at her official residence, with one of the woman’s breasts only blocked by a “Finland” sign, coming to light.

Marin, after telling the media in Helsinki that she had brought over some of her friends to “sauna, swim and spend time together” after the Ruisrock music festival held in July and that the photographed incident took place within a downstairs guest bathroom, stated, “In my opinion that photo is not appropriate. I apologize for that; that photo shouldn’t have been taken,” as reported by YLE News.

“We were using the sauna facilities and the garden area, but we did not spend time inside the Kesäranta house, although the downstairs guest toilets were in use,” stated the Prime Minister.

One of the women kissing that was highlighted in the photo, 33-year-old Sabina Särkkä, has also stepped forward to apologize for the image, stating that she was “deeply sorry” for causing this embarrassment to Marin, as reported by The Daily Mail.

“Many women who support Marin have been posting videos of themselves dancing on social media, with the tag #SolidarityWithSanna,” read a UPI report, opining that the women were there protesting against what they see as sexist and unfair treatment of the Prime Minister.

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