GOP Rep. Mo Brooks Takes Stance Calling Mass Shootings A ‘Moral Values’ Issue

Recently, Republican Alabama Congressman and Senate candidate Mo Brooks has taken the stance of stating that these mass shootings that are taking place across the United States are a response to an extreme decline in the moral values and overall respect for human life.

While making an appearance as a guest on a segment of “Fox News Sunday,” Brooks claimed that these types of horrible events were not as prevalent when he was a child but have since become more and more common. He highlighted the changing priorities of the public and the shifting structure of the American family, which he claims have ended up causing worse outcomes for kids that more often lead to heavier engagement in criminal activity.

“Now back when I was growing up, we didn’t have these mass killings,” claimed Brooks. “They weren’t there, they didn’t occur. Or if they did, I certainly was not cognizant of them and they were very, very, very rare, so rare that I cannot recall a single instance in which one of those things occurred in my youth. Today they’re much more common. What’s the big difference between when I was growing up and today? The big difference is a decline in the moral values, a decline in the respect for human life. If we teach proper moral values, if we teach respect for human life, if we properly address mental health issues that may somehow or another be associated with all those things, then that is the way to fix the problem.”

The host of the show, Sandra Smith, then made a reference to a previous comment from Brooks when he made a statement that blamed the social policies of the left-wing that seemed to encourage having multiple children out-of-wedlock, divorce, and single-parent households.

“Does that statement, sir, unfairly blame single-parent households in this country for the rise of mass shootings?” asked Smith.

“Absolutely not,” fired back Brooks. “All of the studies I’ve ever seen suggest that children who are raised with just one parent around, they don’t do as well by the time they become adults. Why? Because it’s almost impossible for a single parent to do the kind of job that two parents, collectively, can do.”

“Unfortunately, the data is very clear,” he concluded. “Those single-parent households, for whatever reason, end up resulting in children who are more likely to be on welfare, who are less likely to get the kind of grades you expect to get in school, who are more likely, who are more likely to be involved in drugs, and unfortunately, are more likely to be involved in criminal conduct.”

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