Florida Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Tries To Set Himself Up As Jesus Against ‘DeSatan’

Charlie Crist, the Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate, has recently taken to comparing himself to Jesus as part of a strange stump speech that was discovered this week in which he claimed he was battling against “DeSatan,” which seems to be a reference to Ron DeSantis, the state’s popular Republican Governor.

As reported by The Daily Caller, the video was found to be part of a March 17, 2022, campaign event at which Crist also drew comparisons between himself and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Look at that sign right there. You see the colors? The blue and the yellow,” stated Crist. “Does that remind you of any country that’s in the news?”

“Ukraine!” a few in attendance within the tiny crowd shouted back.

“Yeah, we’re fighting for freedom too. We’re fighting for freedom too. And Zelensky, President Zelensky, is amazing,” pressed Crist. “And the courage, and the strength, and the decency that he shows.”

“This is an election about decency, about being decent to one another, about being kind to everyone,” he went on. “It’s called a Florida for all. You know, we got a divider on the other side [DeSantis] and a uniter over here [points to himself].”

“You know, some people call him ‘DeSatan,’ have you heard that?” Crist went on. “DeSatan vs. that [points to a campaign sign of his last name.”

“Christ,” a few from the crowd stated.

“Oh, think about it,” he explained. “The choice is crystal clear. There’s no question about it. It is crystal clear. He’s bad. We’re good.”


“Charlie Crist has always been self-absorbed, but comparing himself to the second coming of Jesus Christ is a new level of bizarre delusion,” stated one spokesperson for the DeSantis campaign to The Daily Caller. “He’s beyond embarrassing — and it’s only September.”

“Just making him sound cooler,” stated political commentator Stephen L. Miller in response.

Another political commentator, David Reaboi, chimed in, “This is perfect for the demographic that believes in neither Christ nor Satan, but really really wants to diddle kids.”

DeSantis himself chimed in on the upcoming midterm elections as part of a recent Fox News interview in which he claimed that the key to the Republican Party taking back the needed control of the Senate and the House was to make sure to hold Old Uncle Joe accountable for the events and crises caused by his leadership choices.

“We’ll hold Biden accountable,” stated DeSantis. “This is a referendum on his failures, make sure everybody knows how his policies have contributed to the mess we’re in, and then articulate what you will do to address things like the border, like crime, like inflation. I think if you do that, I think Republicans are going to win both chambers. And I think it’ll be a really good night.”

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