FBI Official Sends Very Interesting Letter To House GOP

A bombshell letter from Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan has revealed a surprising critic of the MaraLago raid that led to the second unprecedented indictment of former President Donald Trump in April 2021 none other than the former head of the FBIs Washington Field Office, Steven DAntuono.

The raid on MaraLago, ordered by President Bidens Department of Justice, sought to charge President Trump with clearly trivial, politically contrived charges related to his handling of classified documents. DAntuono expressed multiple objections to the FBIs raid on MaraLago in the bombshell letter.

This criticism from DAntuono may be surprising to many, considering his prior lackluster performance in the Bureau. DAntuono was the public face of the FBIs sham investigation related to the January 6th pipe bombs, and though the FBI had weeks to prepare a response, agent DAntuono and his team failed to prevent the attack itself.

It appears DAntuono is not done taking the bold step of bringing forward important criticisms about the FBIs handling of politicallymotivated events. The letter revealed that DAntuono was still employed by the Bureau at the time of the MaraLago raid and continues to hold the title of Special Agent in Charge of the Washington Field Office, even though his tenure as head of the Washington Field Office ended on May 21st, 2021.

Democrat politicians and mainstream media outlets have been vocal in condemning the Department of Justices indictment of President Trump, and Trumps supporters have refused to accept the fairness of the charges. Now, an impartial former FBI official is raising objections to the MaraLago raid itself, highlighting likely negligence and perhaps even suspicious behavior by the Biden administration.

It is true that the Biden administration has gone to extraordinary lengths to take President Trump off of the political chessboard for 2024. DAntuonos objection may prove to be a key piece of evidence in challenging the legitimacy of the MaraLago raid, and the upcoming Supreme Court case brought forth by a coalition of 16 states against the Biden administration will look closely at DAntuonos objections as the case progresses.

This unexpected criticism from DAntuono follows a growing chorus of doubt about the Biden administrations handling of the case against former President Trump. Trumps supporters, conservatives, and even many nonpartisans are becoming more vocal in voicing their distrust of the Department of Justices handling of the case and are calling for further investigations in search of the truth.

Only time will tell the truth concerning the MaraLago raid and the resulting charge brought against former President Trump. But in the meantime, Americans can take comfort in knowing that, regardless of background or political affiliation, there are still independent voices inside of the FBI who will continue to speak out against wrongdoing.

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