Dems Already Mad Over Judge In Trump Case

Florida judge Aileen Cannon is now presiding over the federal case against former President Donald Trump, escalating Democrats worries that the outcome of the charges may be swayed in favor of the exPresident.

The former President is facing a 37count indictment from the Biden administration for a variety of allegations including fraud and stalking. This is the second highprofile case directed at Trump in as many years and has sparked outrage in the Democratic party.

Cannon is a presumed Republican who joined the Federalist Society in 2005. Due to her welldocumented association with conservative organizations and her past rulings in cases involving Trump, Democrats are concerned the judge may lean in favor of the former President.

To date, the judge has slowed the Department of Justice‘s investigation into Trump, ordering aspecial master review the document seized by the FBI during a raid at the 45th President‘s Florida home. She also blocked federal prosecutors from further examining the seized documents until the special master had completed their review.

However, a court panel on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Cannon‘s order, allowing the case against the former President to proceed.

In light of the 37count indictment directed at the exPresident, Trump has argued that the Biden administration is guilty of double standards. He was quick to reference Biden‘s recent scandal in which a set of classified documents were found at his office and Delaware home.

The case against Biden, though, has been delayed after it was revealed recently that the President has yet to be interviewed.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party continues to rally behind Trump, who continues to remain popular despite the two indictments unfairly brought against him in the last year.

Trump addressed the controversy surrounding the latest indictment against him in a Saturday statement, calling the charges apolitical hit job.

The Biden administration has aimed to bring to justice the former President over the charges he is facing. However, the question remains whether or not those goals will be achieved with an accused Trumpappointed judge overseeing the case.

For now, the political drama continues as Democrats worry that Cannon will use her influence to favor the exPresident and Republicans are holding onto faith that Trump will be exonerated.

Only time will tell how the outcome of this highstakes case will affect both parties.

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