Effort To Boost Senate Candidate Don Bolduc Reinforced By Republicans To Help Extremely Tight New Hampshire Race

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has made the choice to invest almost one million dollars into a program to try and raise the odds of Republican Don Bolduc taking a victory in the extremely tight race happening in New Hampshire

The Senate campaign arm of the Republican party officially shelled out funds for a new round of ads seeking to assist Bolduc in the final few days before the start of the 2022 midterm elections, reported Axios this past Tuesday. The party also pointed out the new ad buy in the wake of a recent poll showing Bolduc sitting solidly within the margin of error against Democratic incumbent Maggie Hassan. This particular investment also takes place in the wake of the Senate Leadership Fund removing over $6 million from the race late last week.

“Our polling, along with recent public polling, shows that this race is in the margin of error and winnable,” explained Florida Senator Rick Scott (R), the Chairman of the NRSC, via a statement issued to Axios. “The NRSC is proud to stand with General Bolduc. We’re going to win this race so Don Bolduc can bring real leadership back to this Senate seat.”

The most recent new funding was issued in the wake of a pair of pols which showed Bolduc, a retired Army brigadier general, still sits within the standard margin of error in the run against Hassan. One poll carried out by Emerson College working with local TV station WHDH 7 News stated that Bolduc was sitting behind Hassan by just a three-point margin, 48%-45%, which is solidly within the margin of error issued by the poll; all while 4% of polled voters were labeled as undecided. The second poll was carried out  InsiderAdvantage and American Greatness and expressed that the lead held by Hassan had dropped down to just under half a point, 47.6%-47.1%; 2.9% were undecided.

The NRSC seems to be trying to step in to deal with the gap created by the Senate Leadership Fund, which is a super PAC aligned with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Late last week, SLF stated that it was revoking the $5.6 million earmarked for ad spending that had been set aside for the state. “As the cycle comes to a close, we are shifting resources to where they can be most effective to achieve our ultimate goal: winning the majority,” Steven Law, the president of the SLF, released in a statement, as reported by The New York Times.

Previously, the NRSC chose to get out of New Hampshire earlier this month, but the group did state that it was due to the existing outside spending. “We’re glad to see Republican outside forces showing up in a big way in New Hampshire, with millions in spending pledged to take down Maggie Hassan in the final stretch,” explained NRSC spokesman Chris Hartline to NYT via a release.

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