Despite Violent Crime Surge Democrat Cori Bush Calls For Further Defunding Of The Police

As part of an interview carried out this past Tuesday morning, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) chose to once again double down on her support for the extreme leftist stance of outright defunding the police.

The comments took place just as a wave of violent crime has surged all over the U.S. under the Biden administration, with various estimates seeming to indicate that reports of robbery, assault, murder, rape, and sexual assault have gone up well over 5% to 40% in major cities.

Bush issued the statements as part of an interview on ABC News’ “Good Morning America” as the co-host of the show George Stephanopoulos highlighted that Bush was one of the Democrats who chose to stick by the odd position despite it being unpopular with Americans.

“Are you worried at all that that could hurt some of your colleagues going into the midterm elections?” questioned Stephanopoulos.

“The thing about ‘defund the police’ is we have to tell the entire narrative,” shot back Bush. “People hear ‘defund the police,’ but you know what they’ll say, say ‘reallocate,’ say ‘divest,’ say ‘move,’ but it’s still the same thing.”

“We can’t get caught up on the words,” Bush went on. “People spend more time focusing on the word ‘defund’ than they spend on caring and addressing the problem of police violence in this country.”


The support from the political Left for the entire “defund the police” movement exploded during the 2020 election season in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

In the wake of the violence that kicked off throughout the riots that took place that summer and following the massive surge in crime that kicked off during the Biden administration, more and more of the American people want additional funding for law enforcement.

The year after the intensely destructive left-wing riots, that had damage to the tune of several billion dollars and resulted in the injury of hundreds of law enforcement officers in cities all over the country, the number of Americans that wanted to increase funding for law enforcement increased to 47%, a spike of about 16% from the 31% who wanted it back in June of 2020.

Support for the reduction of law enforcement spending also dropped throughout that time span with only 15% of Americans wanting police budgets dropped, a 10% drop from the 25% who sought it back in 2020.

Bush has spent well over $300,000 for private security over the past election cycle, according to the campaign finance record from back in August, all despite her outspoken support for the “defund the police” movement.


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